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  • Introduction
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  • Event Registration
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  • Character Guides
    The place to send your character questionnaire.
  • Character Sheets
    The online character builder system
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  • Rulebook
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  • Restricted Costs
    As of the current game
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  • Setting Pages
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  • Gear
    Equipment, Recipes, and other non-magical items
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  • NPC Reports
    Send your Forum Account name, the NPC you played, and a summary of what happened here to receive your XP reward (and to help ST camp!) - you can combine as many reports as you like into a single email.
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  • Downtimes
    Each player gets four downtime actions that they can split between a linked character-pair that they have played at a Dark Prospects event. Just describe what you're doing for each downtime action. Keep it on a reasonable scale. Direct combat in Quarry Creek is not a viable downtime option, though if your character wants to go hunting for something outside of town that can probably be worked out.
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  • Spirit Requests
    Request a Gaian Spirit's attendance at the next game.
  • Guest Plot Submissions
    Help the ST team by submitting your own plot to game - you will be expected to be part of this plot's execution on-site.
  • Check-In
    Pre-Check-In form for submitting sheet changes between games.
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