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Code of Conduct

Post by Brian » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:08 pm

Participation and interaction with staff
Players are expected to comply with reasonable requests from the staff in the area of interaction that team member is responsible for. Players are expected to behave like adults at all times, though characters may be childish whenever they desire it.

Responsibility for enjoyment
Players are responsible for their own enjoyment of Dark Prospects. While we have a storyteller team, and that team does a great job of providing content with which to interact, it is the responsibility of each player to create their own enjoyment. Do your best to ensure others are enjoying their time at Dark Prospects as well - in other words, try to ensure your enjoyment does not impinge upon the enjoyment of others.

Rules and cheating
Much of our game is predicated on the idea that players will be honest with their interactions - between each other and with the rules. Because of that, it is critical that players do not cheat. Cheating includes, but is not limited to: Machine gunning, intentionally lying about what is on your character sheet out of character (lie in character all you want), modifying tags, creating fake tags, "counterfeiting" in-game currency, intentionally acting against a rule's intent. The Executive Officer or Rules teams may decide that other actions are cheating on an as-needed basis. Players should attempt to follow the spirit of the rules if a rule is unclear. That means paying attention not just to how a rule is written, but characteristics like the name of a power, or the tree the power is part of. We try to make our rules clear in most cases, though some are left slightly more open for theatrical purposes. Ask a rules team member to arbitrate any rules disputes or make rulings on the proper application of a rule if necessary. Notify the rules team if you think a rule is being abused or has too great a potential for abuse. The rules team has final say on how a rule can be used. Avoid interrupting a scene to dispute the use of a rule.

Contact and Touch
Light touch should be expected during the course of a Dark Prospects event. Any weapon brought by a player should be seen by the check-in team. The check-in team may request that you not use a weapon if it is deemed too hard or heavy. Combat should not ever leave bruises or welts. Players should take precautions to ensure they are not striking harder than necessary for the target to feel the blow. Non-combat, or other touch should be done only with permission or with a boffer. Players should always avoid touching on the lower legs, head, chest (especially on women), groin, and buttocks. Combat strikes are strictly disallowed to the groin, head, or lower legs. Players may not modify the mechanical parts of foam blaster weapons, such as upgrading springs or cylinders.

Out of Game Conflict
Always act like an adult when out of game. If you have an issue with another player and can talk to them calmly and without making them feel attacked then you may ask the player to go out of game and talk through your conflict. If you aren't sure you'll be able to, or if your emotions are running high, contact an executive officer to discuss your problem - they will consider the issue and deal with it as necessary. Physically or verbally attacking another player is forbidden. In character, have whatever fights you want, but check in after the scene or after game down to clear the air and ensure there are no hard feelings.

Conflict resolution
Players are expected to bring grievances with the game staff or players to the executive team when they cannot be resolved peaceably or when they simply don't wish to discuss them with the other party. We will do our best to respect your privacy and ensure that the issue is dealt with to the best of our abilities.

Controlled Substances
Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs which are either non-prescription or not available over the counter, and smoking (even with a prescription, such as marijuana) are not allowed in the game area, including the first row of the parking area. Players may leave the gameplay area to use prescribed smoked medication if necessary. Players may not be intoxicated at game.

Legal interaction
Players May not break any laws while on the game site. Period. If a player has been convicted of a crime violent or sexual in nature, the Executive Officer team should be notified. Players who have committed violent or sexual crimes may be disallowed from attending Dark Prospects. (Player who have, for example, been found guilty of urinating in public may not be disallowed, but those guilty of harrassment will be banned to protect the rest of the players) Players must be 18 or older. Period. If there is a question about your age, the check-in or XO team may request your identification card to verify it.

Photography and videography are not allowed on-site without express permission from the executive officers and from the subject of any given photo. You must request permission in advance. Avoid photographing anyone who has not granted express permission. The executive officers may grant permission to a photographer or videographer if they choose who can act without requesting permission first. No photo taken this way will be shared or displayed outside of the Executive Officer team without contacting all subjects in the photograph and obtaining their written consent. Photographs may not be taken, for any reason, of players in a state of undress.

Avoiding the "isms"
Out of game bigotry is forbidden. No player or staff member may discriminate based on any inherent characteristic of another player, including but not limited to race, skin color, religion, sex, sexuality, gender, age (over 18), national origin, disability, citizenship status, marital status, medical condition, military/veteran status, or status as a victim of assault, stalking, or domestic violence. No player should insult or demean another player based on these characteristics. While difficult topics may make their way in-game, players should be certain that all players involved in the situation are okay with them before the scene occurs.

Players are expected to treat others with respect both in and out of game, including away from game site. If a player is accused of assaulting another player at or away from game, a short investigation may take place, after which the accused should expect to be ejected from game on either a temporary or permanent basis depending on the severity of the issue. Players may be asked to perform public or private apologies before being allowed to return to game. Players are expected to comply with these requests or expect to be banned from attending current and future events. Players are especially expected to treat staff members with respect. Verbally or physically assaulting a staff member is grounds for immediate expulsion from game,

Failure to abide by the code may be punished with character sheet and experience freezes, requests for apologies, insistence on a player promising not to repeat their error (with an expectation of follow through), removal of players from the current event, temporary or permanent banishment from game, or legal action as deemed necessary. Players banned or ejected from game will not receive refunds. If an issue is particularly noteworthy the Executive Officer team will either place a strike on a player's record, or ban a player outright. Strikes are permanent and do not decay from the record. If a player receives 3 strikes they will be banned from returning to Dark Prospects. After 1 year the player may contact the Executive Officer team and request readmission to game, after which point the team will decide whether the ban is over or whether it remains in effect. Players who have been banned once may request readmission once a year unless notified that their ban is permanent. If a player is readmitted to game, any further strikes will result in the ban being reinstated. Players banned twice in this way receive permanent bans. Outright bans (without strikes) are always considered permanent.

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