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S5 Playtest Rulebook

Post by Brian » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:10 pm

- A new mechanic has been added: "Shaking Off" mental effects - this allows a character to, once per hour, remove a mental effect from themselves that they have already taken, as if they were just now resisting the power.
- Ghouling is no longer listed as a major change and does not allow a sheet rebuild at the time of merit addition - you do, however, gain Potence when becoming Ghouled.
- The Changeling Enchantment mechanism has been introduced to the main rulebook.
- Interacting with the Umbra has been clarified regarding ranged weapons
- Duration and Instant effects have been clarified. If a power has a duration, it may not be used reflexively. Powers with durations must be active when an effect is taken in order to counter the incoming effect (immunity, vitalsigns, etc...)
- Immunity non-stacking has been updated to clarify how a temporary overwrite works (Aegis overwriting Elemental Form immunity)
- Effects that Level and Levels Caps section has been added. Firearms now deal a maximum of 5 damage instead of 4. All other mechanisms, unless explicitly called out, cap at 4.
- Effect Types are getting a revamp, as we move toward defining all effects as having a specific type - this is part of the Psychic ItemMaker project, and may impact the regular ItemMaker as well. New Types include Buff, Sensory, Sight, and Restorative.
- Modifiers have been moved down to the Powers section. We are working to better integrate the Modifiers section of the book.
- A new modifier, Persistent, applies to all 24 hour effects.

- Medicine has been cleaned up a bit, no mechanical changes.

- The Blood Bonds section has been updated. The description of Blood Bond levels have been moved into powers, and the Vampire section now references these. See this section if you believe this may impact you.
- The Light Averse weakness now includes a caveat - if you take the Resilience power, it is no longer negated completely, but reduced to 30 seconds.
- Animalism 3 (Resist Status) cost increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)
- Celerity 3 (Resist Status) cost increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)
- Celerity 4 (Enhance) now also includes Flawless Parry, which has been moved from an EP to this tier.
- Celerity EP (Flawless Parry) has been replaced with Counterkill for no cost once per day.
- Sepulchre Path 5 (Turncoat) is now Breach.
- Presence 2 (Terror) now also includes Charm.

- Ghoul pools have been clarified, and the feedback timer is now incurred by Psychic Granting as well as feeding.

- Outrage 1 (Resist Status) cost has been increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)
- Usury IA (Medicine: Assess, Sense Liability) has been replaced with Sense Pool: Health, and Sense Pool: Energy
- While not in the rulebook itself, Till tags must be updated with new versions. A player cannot have more than 1 Till attuned to them at the same time.
- Mnemosynis : Detection has been clarified

No significant changes.

- Felis 3 (Bind Foot) has been replaced with Sense Pool: Gnosis
- Balam 2 (Terror) has been replaced with Rage Regeneration
- Balam 4 (Poison) has been replaced with Open Wounds
- Swara 1 (Resist: Status) cost increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)
- Bastet General 2 (Blindness) has been replaced with Resist: (Physical,Damage)
- Bastet General 4 (HT4&Clarity) has been fixed - it is now HT4+Clarity (in-line with other instances)
- Nuwisha who take R1 Trash Is Treasure are no longer stuck cloaked with no way out.

- Tree-purchase order has been clarified.
- Aspects have been clarified - please read up.
- The NPC Totem Power that provides energy regeneration no longer stacks.

- For purposes of the Playtest, Changeling rules have been introduced into the main rulebook. We will be removing this section for S5R1. Once we hit 50 players, Changeling will get added to the rulebook at the next rules release (S5R2/S6R1)

- New modifiers have been added - these now include Blatant, Enforced, Extend, Instant, Persistent, Signaled, Special, and Subtle.

The following changes were made to provide greater consistency for determining how a power works.
- Sensory powers that provide an ongoing effect have been renamed, and now include "sight" in the name.
- Sensory powers that provide an instant effect have been renamed, and now include "sense" in the name.
- A number of new powers have been introduced as part of the Changeling ruleset. These powers will remain in the rulebook regardless of when the Changeling rules are introduced.
- New power: Animal Form added for Changeling. This grants a small animal form.
- Aura Sense has been renamed Sense Aura
- Energy to Health has been moved to the "E" section.
- Blood Sense is now Sense Blood
- Borrow Power now includes the same response as TT - targets should give the cost. On top of the BP cost you must now spend 1 of whatever the power resource is (energy, health, will, etc...) when the power is borrowed.
- New power: Charm is equivalent to L1 blood bonds.
- Cloak Sight now clarifies that you can target a character you can see with this power, and are aware that they are cloaking.
- Command is now a Signaled Mental
- New power: Creative Crafting added for Changeling. This power is still being updated. It allows a Changeling character to buy items at crafting costs from time to time.
- Daydream has been clarified to include the full details of how the power works, instead of simply referencing Dreamshape.
- Deep Sense has been renamed Sense Deeply.
- Dreamshape has been clarified.
- Emotional Regeneration has been moved to the correct area.
- New power: Enchanted Sight has been added for Changeling. This power gives Gauntlet Sight sans audio.
- New power: Enchant Object has been added for Changeling. This power allows a character to create objects that will Enchant any character who takes them.
- Gauntlet Sight has been clarified to state that you may not target cross-gauntlet unless your power breaches - yes, this includes sensory sense powers.
- Hardened Flesh now requires a sig call to activate.
- New power: Kith Form has been added for Changeling. Kith Form grants access to specific Changeling benefits.
- New power: Has a Knack added for Changeling. This allows additional downtime crafting.
- Sense Item is now Item Sight.
- Love has been clarified to include its full effect text. It is now a standard mental, but can be modified to become Persistent.
- Sense Magic is now Magic Awareness.
- Sense Watchers is now Watcher Sight
- New Power: Muse Regeneration has been added for Changeling.
- New power: Rigging has been added for Changeling. This power is in flux. It currently allows temporary Item creation.
- New power: Refund
- Request Spirit Rapport has been renamed Sense Spirit Rapport
- Taint Fetter is now Taint Object, and by default can taint any Aspect - the Taint Fetter power in Wraith now specifies specifically that you can taint only Fetters, and that it only allows Wyrm taint.

You can see these changes with more detail here:
https://darkprospects.us/playtest/rules ... -s5r1.html

- A new version of the character sheets has been completed. This version moves Rituals onto a separate page from the main sheets. At the moment, this additional page is not printed when a sheet is.
- The check-in tool has been integrated into the new version of the character sheets. The new check-in tool will only be available to approved characters, and does a good deal of automatic calculation to help make your lives, as well as the lives of the CI/CG team easier.

While not active yet, there are a bunch of other changes headed this way. Highlights include:
- We will be introducing new Rituals to help flesh out many character types that currently lack them.
- We're working on a new system to manage Renown, so ST doesn't need to feel quite so tied to it. This new system uses the website, and is intended to be primarily managed between games. More details to come as the tool approaches a usable state.
- In-game player-controlled traps

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