Possible price increase.

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Can and would you pay $55-$61 per game fee?

I can and would pay $55-$61 per game.
I cannot, or would not, regularly pay $55-$61, but might come sometimes.
I cannot, or would not, pay $55-$61 per game at all.
No votes
I can and would be willing to pay $55-61 per game and increase my Angel donation to help other players be able to attend.
Total votes: 24

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Possible price increase.

Post by Ralph » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:10 pm

Dark Prospects community,

The Camp recently notified us that they needed to raise our price. To be clear, this is not because the Dark Prospects community has done anything wrong. The camp is overall happy with us as a group. Regardless, the increase is required. Unfortunately, this means we need to have a serious conversation with our community about what we want to do going forward.

Importantly, the August game's price is unaffected by the price increase, as it was negotiated before the end of last season.

We're looking at the following options for the future of Dark Prospects.

The first option is to increase the attendance fee from $35-$41 to $55-$61 per game, and maintain our plans to continue Dark Prospects into season 6 and beyond.
The second option is to maintain the current $35-$41 fee and plan to make the Season 5 Finale the end of Dark Prospects. In order to do this, remaining sessions will use the game's banked donations in order to cover the additional site fee.

It really comes down to how willing we all are to shoulder the cost. Please answer the following poll.

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Re: Possible price increase.

Post by Patricia » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:20 pm

I want another option that says..

"I can, and will likely also max out my cash donation to game."

Because that is what I will do. >.>

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Re: Possible price increase.

Post by Lindsay » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:45 pm

Currently, I pretty regularly pay online early and add $5 in Angel donations - This change will have me continue to pay online early but will make that regular extra $5 out of budget. Still - I'm not balking at the increase - I mean, hell, I'm already driving up from So Cal - this isn't the deal breaker.

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