Coming to game

Coming to game

Postby Brian » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:18 pm

You've already gone through a lot to get here, I expect, but as we come up on a game, here's what you should expect from us and what we expect from you.

  • All players and staff are expected to check-in before entering game.
  • We expect players to have their characters approved. If you have not yet been approved, that's okay, but please try to get approval done in advance going forward.
  • We expect players to bring their own costumes. While we do not insist on perfect amazing costuming from everyone, we do ask you to do your best for an 1850s costume.
  • We expect players to bring their own *bedding*. While we supply beds, we don't have sleeping bags, covers, or pillows - please bring your own.
  • We expect players to have their props prepared. Your melee and brawl weapon boffers should be prepared and safe, as written in the rulebook. Firearm props and other props should be painted as appropriate.
  • We ask players to bring snacks for themselves. While the game will provide food and will try to have something available in case it is needed at any time, it's best for players to have at least a couple snacks around in case they need them and miss a planned meal period.
  • Players are expected to bring their own food for Saturday dinner.
  • Meals are provided Friday night (dinner), Saturday morning (breakfast), Saturday afternoon (lunch), and Sunday morning (breakfast).
  • Meals will be charged in-game money (only a few cents) - if your character doesn't have money, you may wish to make friends, be prepared to NPC, sell things in game, or find some other way to get a few cents over the course of the game weekend.
  • Players should arrange sleeping space for their characters *before game* if possible. If not, do your best to arrange for it early in game.
  • Players should bring their own Printed Rituals to game. You are allowed, and encouraged, to age your paper and/or make your ritual look really cool. Your ritual page should be shown to check-in so they can do a quick compare to our list or rituals.

Things people should know about our site:
  • We aren't allowed on site until 3PM on Friday.
  • Check-in starts as early as possible, and should be started by 4PM.
  • Game-on is at 6PM.
  • Our site is Easter Seals Camp Harmon, located in Boulder Creek on Highway 9. Easter Seals is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities. Camp Harmon is being amazing to us, and providing a huge discount in exchange for us helping them. Information on this will come up as we go forward.
  • We have access to a small refrigerator and a walk-in, however, kitchen access is limited.
  • We have 14 cabins with 10 beds each.
  • Every cabin has a restroom and sink.
  • Every cabin has 2 doors; one front, one side.
  • Every cabin has power and lights inside.
  • Every cabin has a heater and real windows.
  • Every cabin has a cabinet area in the back next to the restroom; These cabinets are out of game, please do not store items that are in-game in these cabinets.
  • Our camp has limited tent space.
  • Our camp has many lights all around the site.
  • Our camp has two main restrooms (one boys, one girls) on-site usable without having to go into a cabin.
  • There is a back-half to the camp, but it is difficult to reach - please be careful if using it (it's safe, but it requires crossing the SLV River. If it rains heavily, do not cross this under any circumstances)
  • Our site is *mostly* wheelchair accessible - recommend a power chair for certain areas.
  • Game down is around 11AM Sunday

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