(Feb 2016 Silence) Lela

(Feb 2016 Silence) Lela

Postby tinnaminor » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:59 pm

"The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever."
-Herb Caen

It strikes me when Miri talks about us living together forever. Certainly, I’m immortal in that I don’t age. But Ephraim and Sybil are human. Lucille isn’t exactly human anymore, but she will also age with time. I’m silent when they start discussing things as though they will live to see Miri become an Incarna, or if they will still be in Quarry Creek. They discuss Vampirism, Ghouling, Wraiths, Spirits, and how to become them, but keep their powers.

The beautiful thing of humans, for me at least, is that they can die. They can die simply because it is time and their story is finished, with their children to take on their legacies into the next chapter. Humans aren’t cursed like vampires, unable to see the or (normally) eat food. The curse of a Wraith is nearly invisible, and the Wraiths of our town are good at hiding their shadows. The shifters have their Rage, which makes interacting with most people...difficult.

But they don’t know this. They have only truly experienced the supernatural through the tinted lens of Quarry Creek.

Well, they have witnessed part of the Sabbat at Round Valley. But that was only scratching the surface.

I act like I’m young. I am young compared to some vampires and wraiths. I never ‘act my age’ because I’m too busy being me. But in these moments, I’m struck by the age difference between myself and these children. And they are children, Miri has only exist for around 5 years and Ephraim, Sybil, Lucille, are all in their twenties. I’ve passed my third century.

Immortality isn’t a gift. It’s a curse. I hate it. I bring children into the world, assist mother’s in raising them. I watch them grow, marry, grow older and older and older, and then they die. Then I do my best to assist their children as I can, even if I fall asleep and am only awake for a century at a time.

The only thing that prevents me from breaking into a certain place and stealing a certain ritual is my respect for that person. That’s a lie. The only thing that really prevents me is that I would have to leave Quarry Creek. I would have to leave Sybil, Ephraim, Lucille, Miri, and Louise.

After finally finding something to live for, I don’t want to live a mortal life for nothing.

So I hold back my tears, I grit my teeth and smile, silent, as my pack discusses their future. They will learn. I just hope the pain is something they can bear.
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Re: (Feb 2016 Silence) Lela

Postby BeckyW » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:51 pm

This lit has been counted for xp.
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