An Eye in the Darkness (1): Preparation

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An Eye in the Darkness (1): Preparation

Post by Justin » Tue May 22, 2018 1:29 am

There were a hundred things to do before even beginning to think about leaving.

This was not an exaggeration.

Check in with all of the spirits. Make sure the pups were contained. Get reports from the runners to make sure that the lower tunnels were dry. Leave word with the kin in town. Check on the spirits again. Find the lost pup who had wandered through a soft spot into the Umbra. Eat the wayward Pattern Spider who got too close to the boltholes. Make sure the books hadn’t been torn up for nest lining because there was perfectly good nest lining strewn all over the main gathering cavern. Get a few of the younglings to clean up the main gathering cavern. Make sure all the spirits are doing alright. Check the telegrams. Clean the fetishes and the ritual room. Take a bath. Spirits still okay? Sing another couple of pups to sleep, and their mothers along with them. Help the Metis who was going through the Plague cool down before the dreams got too rough. Find the coat and give it a wash. Spirits. Collect a bunch of suspicious-looking mushrooms and hide them so that they didn’t go into the goddamn still again. Better eat something, and maybe prepare a few meals for the townsfolk as couldn’t do so themselves again. What in Gaia’s name is that noise and who is causing it? Check in with the people on top of the mountain for news. Also the spirits on top of the mountain. Empty out the hidey hole for the next ones to come through. Who gave the Skulker the kerosene? CLEANSE EVERYONE IN THIS GODDAMN HOLE AGAIN. Also, probably better check in with the spir-


“Yes, honored spirit?” The hunchback was suddenly attentive, as a passing spirit took notice of him.

“You hesitate. You delay. You kill time trying to achieve small goals, when your next great task lies beyond this place. Surely you cannot fear what comes next?”

A shake of the head. “I do not fear for myself, honored spirit.”

The spirit turned in place, considering its words before finally speaking. “Know this to be true: there is no amount of preparation that will accomplish what you desire. This place will change. Perhaps drastically. But your people, they are survivors. You - and others - have taught them well. And they will not be alone.”

Hundreds of Eyes in the Darkness bowed his head low. “... thank you, honored spirit.” A hand stretched out, glittering with energy.

The spirit’s eyes flickered, and it bowed its head. “And if it is havoc you fear to miss… consider: does New York have one of your age and rank amongst them? Do they have a calm heart and sharp eyes? You will have much to do when you arrive.”

At that, there was a bang and a shrieking voice declaring that some enemy of Gaia was about to meet its maker, followed by a shout that its maker was right there and there would be hell to pay if a single tooth on those gears was damaged.

Hundreds of Eyes in the Darkness stiffened, but forced himself to turn away.

The spirit smiled.

The real preparations didn’t take more than ten minutes, after that.
Listen to them long enough, and all stories are ghost stories.

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Re: An Eye in the Darkness (1): Preparation

Post by Lindsay » Tue May 22, 2018 9:29 pm

Oh do I know these feels.

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