September 2017 Being Alone(Perry POV)

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September 2017 Being Alone(Perry POV)

Post by Bishop » Tue May 08, 2018 8:46 am

When I wasn't alone- Wake up at 8am. Do some tidying around the house quietly to avoid waking anyone. 8:30am Head out into town and try to make some head way on Vienna's to do list. 9:00am Make peace with the fact that Vienna didn't give you enough information to complete anything until she is either present or able to clarify some things. 930am Return to the house to check if Vienna is awake yet. I know she won't be but I have to check just the same. 945am Lay back down and try with no avail to get some more sleep. 1030am Answer the door and tell whoever tried before noon "No, I'm the only one up right now." 11am Head to upper Quarry Creek for a while to kill time until Miss Vienna wakes. 1pm Return to the house just in time to help Miss Vienna get ready for her day. Help her get dressed, go over her to do list and make much needed clarifications, most days make her coffee for her (if the town seems particularly lively she'll instead want company on a walk to get some). 3pm Help Miss Vienna arrange a gathering, if it has been a few months it will likely be a concert instead. 4pm Prepare lunch for Miss Vienna and depending on the day, be lunch as well. 5pm Try to get Miss Vienna moving on her check list as she has you add another three things to it. 8pm The list has finally made head way and it's time to have company over. 11pm Cook dinner for the house. 12pm Add new things to Vienna's check list. It's full again *smile* the job is never done.

Now that I am alone- 8am Get up and make coffee for gun shop.815-bedtime- figure out what I'm going to do with my life.

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Re: September 2017 Being Alone(Perry POV)

Post by Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:07 pm

XP granted (or will be as soon as I finish reviewing the rest of these - give me an hour or so)

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