Knock Twice

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Knock Twice

Post by Ana_Kohl » Tue May 08, 2018 7:22 pm

The door stood, tall and stoic, a firm reminder that she was not allowed on the other side of it... and all the more the reason she wanted to venture past it...

She knew what lay on the other side, or well, she knew who. Beyond the door was the kind doctor who had taken her in and nursed her back to health, rarely though did she get the opportunity to see her outside of their health visits when the woman would give her her medicine, or her educational and Ettiquette lessons, as the doctor had taken an interest in seeing to it that Ana learned how to be some semblance of a proper lady.

She could not understand why, but she longed to be on the other side of the door with her. There was something about her that drew her to the older woman, the way she spoke, her accent dancing off her tongue like music. The way she smelled, of parchment and honeysuckle, and a hint of some metallic scent she could never quite place. Most of all though, the way she sang. Delphine did not know it, or perhaps she did, but sometimes when Ana would sit there at night, she could hear the most beautiful songs coming from the Madam's chambers. They would lull her into a feeling of warmth and safety, a feeling that said the woman who resided behind the door could do anything.

Staying away felt agonizing.

Every day she would come to the door, waiting on the other side as though she were a pet wishing to be let in from the cold.
Servants came and went through the large mahagony door, but no matter how long she waited, or how many times she asked, she was not allowed to see beyond the piece of wood that held her at arms length. It was less than the length of her arm in thickness, but it may as well have been the trunk of the massive tree it was undoubtedly made from for all it kept her away.

She would knock on the door during the day, hoping to steal a moment of this amazing woman's time. Every time though, a servant would answer, and every time they would send her away.

So every night, Rome would find her beside the door, having fallen asleep while she waited. He would scoop her up in his arms, and carry her back to her bed.
Not once in all that waiting, did Delphine ever find Ana near her door. Ana wondered if the woman knew how often she waited there.
Or if she even cared...
“I asked just one thing of you, to be here
Did I not let it slip that I was sincere?
That was my best poker face, trying not to care
I watch and I wait while you never appear.”

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