September 2017 - Being Alone - Miss Vienna

September 2017 - Being Alone - Miss Vienna

Postby Miss Vienna » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:12 am

She was starting to forget.

Amelia had warned Vienna, just after her Embrace, that the things she thought indelibly inscribed in her mind would start to fade as the years passed. Vienna assumed that was something that happened to other people, or at least wouldn't be a problem for her for decades yet.

But already, with her scant four years in Quarry Creek, she was starting to have trouble remembering the people and things that used to bring her joy.

Penny's enthusiastic, proud smile when she found the guns Fontaine had tried to hide near their home. The determined set of her eyebrows when she was given a task to complete. The way she would bounce and fidget if asked to stay still for too long.

Mayura's voice, confident and alluring in her mind. The bright blue, shining feathers visible only to herself and Arturo. The panicked squawking and fluttering as she died to invisible assailants.

Uktena's crown, gold branches implying both nature and royalty. The genuine amusement on his face when provided with choice, mundane gossip.

The serious expression Lucille wore when handling Kindred affairs. The pained propriety in her voice as she tried to keep the household organized; so different from the ebullient, enthusiastic woman she had become.

And now, the sound of Perry's heartbeat. The taste of his blood, crystalline and rich on her tongue. The affectionate exasperation on his face when she changed her to-do list yet again.

One by one, she had lost them, to death or distance or split loyalties. Their former lives with Vienna were becoming distant memories... How long, she wondered, until she had no recollection of any other life but solitude?
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Re: September 2017 - Being Alone - Miss Vienna

Postby Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:21 pm

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