Seedling (Part 1)

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Seedling (Part 1)

Post by Justin » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:44 pm

A very, very, very long time ago...

... Helios was dipping over the horizon, setting the desert sky aflame with colors no human yet had words for. The spirit watching the sunset just then didn't have words for them either, despite having a human shape at the moment - instead, he simply tipped its overly-tall hat and smiled. Said spirit was small by comparison, but he knew that Helios would see him and appreciate the gesture.

Ah, but now there was work to be done. The spirit crouched at the edge of a dry riverbed, touching the soil carefully before bringing a few specks up to the tongue. A nod. Unconcerned by dignity, the spirit then laid himself flat on the ground, squinting up at the sky with one eye as he held his thumb up from the ground. No, not there. Not there, either. ... there. Right there, the perfect view.

Reaching into his mouth, the spirit pulled forth a tiny seed and tucked it carefully into the ground where his thumb last was. The seed was carefully buried afterwards.

At no point during this process did the tall hat tilt out of place. Not even when the spirit picked himself up, dusted himself off, and wandered off into the budding night.

A very, very long time ago...

... a tiny cactus barely the size of a human thumb was staring at the setting sun in awe and wonder. It had only formed eyes a short while ago as it perceived time, and every moment since then had been incredible. This one, though, was stunning enough that the cactus formed a tiny mouth in a happy little smile and babbled in an incomprehensible tongue out of pure joyous instinct.

This was a really good spot, and the cactus was glad to be existing here.

A very long time ago...

Now the cactus was perhaps the size of a human fist. Sunsets had come and sunsets had gone, each of them a miracle of their own. Other spirits passed before the cactus, on their way to conduct whatever mysterious business other spirits had to conduct. The cactus didn't have business - it was a cactus, and that was enough right now.

It was just settling back to watch another awe-inspiring sky when it noticed that there was another spirit next to it. The cactus twisted and cast its eyes up to see a tall... human? A human spirit, anyway. In a tall hat, talling around beside it. The figure knelt down to look at the cactus, smiling.

-Hey there, little one. You doing alright?-

The cactus beamed up at the tall man, and bobbed as best it could in an agreeable nod.


-Good, good.-

The tall spirit lifted its hat, revealing what looked like another kind of cactus underneath, and the little cactus laughed and laughed. The pair spoke quietly for a time about nothing in particular as the sky in the distance changed again.

The little cactus looked quizzical, then, and spoke.


-What do you mean, what?-

With an expression of intense concentration, the round spirit wiggled in the direction of the sky.


The tall spirit turned to see heavy, menacing storm-clouds gathering swiftly in the distance...

(continued here)
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Re: Seedling (Part 1)

Post by Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:21 pm

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