Seedling (Part 2)

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Seedling (Part 2)

Post by Justin » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:46 pm

(continued from here)

Still a very long time ago...

When we last left our intrepid cactus, it was sitting with a very tall spirit, peaceful and happy… until the pair spotted the massive, unnatural storm-clouds gathering in the distance. The cactus had just asked its new friend what the clouds were – and now the spirit was answering.

-… trouble. You stay safe, little one. I need to warn some people.-

Standing, the human-spirit with the tall hat began to hurry away, leaving only the cactus, the riverbed, and the sky.

In short order, rain began to fall.

The cactus had never seen rain before, and gurgled curiously at it. The water gurgled back, as it passed. Yeah, this seemed fine. And interesting! It was really lucky to get to see all of these wonderful things happening around it.

More rain.

The dried riverbed began to fill.

Uncomprehending, the cactus giggled as rainwater slid over it, tickling spines and feeding roots. It watched with interest as water spirits flowed past in the steadily-rising river.

The little cactus didn’t have a word for flood, yet. It didn’t catch on to what was going on until rainwater was pushing up and over the riverbed, tugging at its roots.

It really only started to worry when a large wave of water pushed itself up washed over the little plant, yanking it out of the ground and sending it tumbling.

Within the flood, the little cactus saw many things. Other spirits, swept away. Eyes within the storm cloud, hateful and hungry. The sky, the soil, the water and the world all trading places, whirling around in a deluge of pure confusion.

The tiny cactus was vastly out of its element, and had only just now processed what was happening.

That’s when the little cactus started to scream. The lack of air wasn’t a problem for screaming, not for it. But it did mean that the cactus had its mouth open when a small water spirit was swept through with the current, and abruptly into the plant’s open mouth.

The little spirit didn’t mean to devour the other one, but when a nourishing entity gets placed directly into your face when you’re in a panic, the autonomous function of just eating the thing is hard to override. Before it could really comprehend what was going on, the current drove it head-first into the ground, turning everything dark.

… some time later, a cactus spirit twice the size of a human fist woke up to the bizarre realization that its roots were gone – and in its place were tiny, round feet. It wiggled carefully in the dirt, and eventually righted itself… but it didn’t feel comfortable just standing in place anymore.

Oh! But there were other things in the distance. Interesting-looking colors and other moving spirits.

Well, it was still a cactus, no matter how weird it felt inside or whether it had feet or roots. And what cacti did was endure, even when the desert got really weird. The little cactus would adapt, certainly. It would make the tall spirit in the tall hat who looked like a human but was secretly a cactus proud, and it would have lots to talk about the next time they saw one another.

Yeah, that seemed like a good plan.

… oh! It understood planning now.

Huh. That was fascinating.

Thusly cheered the cactus started to waddle in the direction of other spirits and the promise of adventure, humming quietly to itself.
Listen to them long enough, and all stories are ghost stories.

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Re: Seedling (Part 2)

Post by Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:21 pm

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