First Passing (March 15: First)

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First Passing (March 15: First)

Post by Inkfingers » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:13 pm

It had been a ritual of storytelling, and like many villains, the story ended in just that for him: his end. It was better that it was someone he knew. Better even, that they were in his pack.. His pack was like the town, and his town was like all people, and all people were like the whole world. The chains of sympathy meant that each degree of separation lessened the effect a bit, but he liked to imagine that his passing was at least a small ripple in the cosmic ocean. A first death should be something special.

It took effort, to pull himself back together. It was inevitable, like slowly building fire beneath a mountain. He had never considered how much work it was, to move all that molten rock. He wondered what it had felt like for Miri, when she had been slain by the sun. Was her reformation glacial? She had always been more like water than him.

He dragged himself from the ground, and lay there, cooling in the sun. There were still chains here to his old life here - promises he had made, a seed of rage that burned in his belly - but they meant something else now. He had ended. This was someone new.

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Re: First Passing (March 15: First)

Post by Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:21 pm

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