October 2017 Literary part 2 - Descendants - ???

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October 2017 Literary part 2 - Descendants - ???

Post by Pohizzzle » Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:52 pm

"Peter?" Mary shouts, realizing she hasn't seen her son in hours. She sighs, what is that boy up to now? Mary had a long day, but a successful one. Working through the night, with no one to watch the little devil, she knew he'd get himself into some sort of trouble. Still, it was unusual for Peter to not be home this long after sunset.

Looking through the house provided no clues. Their bed is the same as it was when he woke up. He hadn't made it like she told him to. She frowns and tidies it up the room. Why couldn't I have a good child? she asks herself. Are you still punishing me for my sins? Have I not suffered enough? The thoughts are not sad ones. Mary was never prone to tears or melancholy. No, these were annoyed, angry thoughts. Why had God been so cruel to her? She is clever and hard working. She's been good enough since Peter was born, even before then. She deserves all the happiness in the world. Well, it's a small town. She would have a look around outside.

Not by the well. Not in the well. She exhales. Why the hell would he be there anyway? A neighbor calls out to her and asks if everything's alright. "Just...left something at the bar," she lies. "The moon sure is lovely tonight, isn't it?" The neighbor agrees and goes back inside. For a moment she considered telling the truth, she considered asking for help, but she's a good mother and there's no reason for anyone to think she's misplaced her son. Instead, she hurries to the bar.

Doors swing open. The bar is empty. The bullet holes catch her attention as they always do. Mary has never been sure if the bar really did become hers since the original owner was shot dead. Could she own anything in this state? Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they know the answer, but nobody actually agrees. Regardless, she runs it now and no one has tried to take it from her. This town has been so welcoming of her tiny, little family. The bar's been a safer place under her ownership too. Nobody wants to start a fight with a woman - a mother - and even if they did, there would be enough good men around to defend her. Mary will keep telling herself this for as long as it's not proven false. Is a bottle missing? Mary storms behind the bar and there he is. "You're eight!" she shouts, enraged.

"Wha'of it, mama?" Peter slurs sleepily. "I misssss you and wan' to sssee you...so...I came 'ere." Mary asks him about the bottle. "Oh! tha'...uh wassss here a'ready," he lies.

Mary draws in a long, irritated breath. "You're drunk, Peter." Peter protests. He's just sleepy. It's so late and she was gone so long. He missed her is all. He is so like his father. Naming him Peter was a mistake.

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Re: October 2017 Literary part 2 - Descendants - ???

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