November 2017 Literary - The Fall Season - Pierre

November 2017 Literary - The Fall Season - Pierre

Postby Pohizzzle » Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:56 pm

"I've seen some strange things in my lifetime," Pierre says, "but that's ridiculous."

"Oh no, it's true! Every color you can think of! Except for green, of course."

"Orange, Yellow, Brown, Red? All these colors?" Pierre asks doubtfully.

"Yes! They cover the trees for a time and then, eventually, they tire and fall off. And when they fall off..."

"No...more madness?"

"Yes! More!" Pierre's newest friend shouts. "You can form them into piles and jump into them! You can fall asleep on them! The leaves themselves are stiff and prickly, but in a pile they're soft and comfortable! Unless they're wet. Nothing's worse then jumping into a pile of wet leaves. Ugh!"

"And they call this 'season' -" Pierre begins.

"Fall! Because of the leaves! They fall!"

"I don't believe you," Pierre declares.

"Haha, I suppose it does sound a little far-fetched if you've never seen it before. I promise you it's true, though. Anyway, my time is about up so I should head out."

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Re: November 2017 Literary - The Fall Season - Pierre

Postby Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:22 pm

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