Beasts as Dogbreeds (length)

Beasts as Dogbreeds (length)

Postby Rydath » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:20 pm

I have heard that the nature of the beast differs by clan. Similar in many ways features, but divided by some key distinctive features. This has lead me down a most frivolous rabbit hole, where in I find myself thinking of each clan’s beast as a different dog breed.

Like a Bull Mastiff, my dog’s voice is deep and loud, and when it barks I cannot hear others over it. Many Brujah neonates fall to the confusion and let their dog loose on their assailant. A dangerous exercise, as the young Mastiff will sometimes bark at nothing. Truly, it is more likely to break something than to protect you. For myself at this point in my existence, I often am immobilized as I struggle to put a muzzle on the foolish creature.

The Gangrel Beasts, by my accounts, seem to drag their owners around like hounds on a trail. A gangrel will get lost and never return following the scent of their quarry.

I’d wager a Ventrue keeps a german shepherd on their lead. Capable of being trained into a deadly and precise guard, but if left untrained, a violent and destructive liability. Neonates who do not learn to control this beast are often eaten alive by it, which is why an undisciplined one is so rarely seen.

I can’t help but imagine those tiny orange noble dogs in the purses of Toreador. Pomegranates? Pomaneans? Something along those lines. It loves only the few whom it deems worthy of love, and growls and nips at all other unworthy curs. Appearances aside, it can loud and persistent as anything, and it would tear the throat out of its rivals given the chance.

It is rare to see a Tremere in a rage, but something about their beast screams some breed of terrier to me. They are not large or imposing, but they are satisfied in their work rooting out rats and other vermin. They can also be territorial and jealous.

As terrifying as they may appear, Nosferatu are often extremely well controlled, and even kind. I’d liken them to a great dane. They seem like they’d eat you, but they are quick to be friends and rarely attack without provocation. Only if you are foolish enough to attack them or someone they love will you suffer their deadly bite.

Malkavian eccentricities make it hard for me to pin down the nature of their beasts. It is perhaps for this reason that I’m reminded of the spaniels I’ve met. They can be loving and well trained, but they have a strange intelligence that can make their behavior unpredictable. Sometimes they can perform impish pranks, and other times they fall to seemingly unprovoked moments of violence.

Silent and strangely alien, the Assamites’ demeanor reminds me of a slight hound, or a whippet. They will sprint with deadly efficiency when they find their quarry.

It’s easy to compare Giovanni to Bulldogs. Gruff and intimidating, with so much inbreeding that they are hardly functional. But, this comparison is unfair to Bulldogs, who are capable of great love and caring.

Miss Vienna’s voices are a pretty and judgemental choir, much as I must assume Carlotta’s are. I have no understanding of what motivation guides these beasts, but the desire to sing when they hear another voice reminds me of the wolf-looking breeds. A Husky, perhaps? Though when I called her that, Miss Vienna grew cross, so perhaps I’ll keep these musings to myself.
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Re: Beasts as Dogbreeds (length)

Postby Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:22 pm

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