Change (Jan 2016 pt.2, Ephraim)

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Change (Jan 2016 pt.2, Ephraim)

Post by Joetor » Wed Aug 22, 2018 4:30 pm

The sun was barely coming up when Ephraim decided to spend a quiet morning in the front room of the post office. There was a soft, blue light with golden rays diffused by the curtains. It wasn’t very different from most mornings. The ladies were sleeping in the next room, and he could sense Miri’s presence drifting between them. They were all dreaming. He smiled, straining freshly brewed coffee into his cup, and looked over the rest of the room. The dwindling contents of an upturned inkpot stained a few sheets of paper on the sorting counter. Today’s letters and parcels were already sorted, bundled, and placed on the shelf below. He made another mental note to get nails to put up the paintings today, something he would most assuredly forget. Everything seemed so serene in the stillness of the morning. It had to be one of his favorite times to just sit and process the chaos of the day before.

He was content. He felt loved. The life he’d carved out here with the rest of his chosen family was hard earned, but every bit worth it. Despite all of this, however, something tugged at him from the furthest reaches of his mind. Something was missing. He had everything he needed but the sensation couldn’t be ignored. It seemed to scream the wrongness of everything to him, that if he carried on how he was that he’d go without fulfilling some important aspect of his destiny. It undoubtedly would lead to screwing up all of the good things he had going for him here, and he tried his best to ignore it. Still, it pulled at him ceaselessly.

Ephraim took a sip from his coffee, frowning, as he worked with his other hand to undo the veil around something in his possession. The small, living mass of shadow appeared in his palm, undulating in the sphere of glass and essence that contained it. It moved like a trapped slug would, straining against its confines in a futile attempt to find a place from which it would creep out. After a moment it seemed to recognize him, and it coiled like a snake to regard him with a sickly, black tendril. It seemed to greedily swallow the light around it, and even the seeming silence of the morning was made even more quiet by its presence. Despite this, it was as though he could hear it whispering to him.

It promised him things. It offered him Revelations…

And he started to listen.

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Re: Change (Jan 2016 pt.2, Ephraim)

Post by Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:22 pm

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