Perfection (Aug 2016, Atherton)

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Perfection (Aug 2016, Atherton)

Post by Joetor » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:16 pm

Atherton Crisp flipped open his ledger and began reviewing the day’s transactions. Carmichael kept excellent records, almost as well as Atherton, and it was for that reason he was promoted to manage the daytime business of the company. His operation had expanded wonderfully from the small seed he started with a little more than a year ago, and at this rate he’d saved up enough to drive out any competitors for his newest warehouse without having to use his more violence-inclined associates. Atherton very much preferred this. Paying the necessary individuals to eliminate others in that way and to prevent the inevitable inquisition afterward was a costly endeavor. Driving them into taking losses or outright buying them out required much less energy and was far cleaner. He frowned as he recalled the stain that remained on the floorboards of his second ‘acquisition’. Yes, very much preferred.

After totaling the week’s income he allotted a quarter of it to the reserves of several of his employees’ discretionary budgets. This would ensure that there would be enough resources to adjust for any unforeseen complications that might arise for the upcoming purchase in Jackson. He made a few notes regarding the increase in value for certain precious metals by the coast and to increase the rates at which they were to be purchased. After one final review Atherton nodded in satisfaction, adjusted his glasses and closed the book.

He tried his best to remain aware of anything that might complicate his plans, but it was difficult to not see the chances of complication to be minimal.

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Re: Perfection (Aug 2016, Atherton)

Post by Brian » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:22 pm

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