June 2017) Art – Artesima Piper

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June 2017) Art – Artesima Piper

Post by drgnlvr13 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:32 pm

Everything around me is a form of art.

Ever since I was little, I loved music. My father said it was something I shared with my mother, though I don’t have any memories of her. Music had so much emotion packaged into it, like you could feel exactly what the composer was feeling when he wrote it. It always felt like magic.

My father is an art dealer, so I grew up learning to appreciate the art he handled as well. Everything from a painting’s brush strokes to the painter’s choice in color, it all had its place and meant something to the person who created it. Although music was my first love, I learned to love this form of art as well.

And then there is the natural art you find. Gazing up at the night sky, it’s almost a painting in it of itself. The rolling landscapes and towering mountains you see as you travel, combined with the most beautiful of sunsets… There is nothing quite like it.

Now, I see art everywhere I look. The small painting hanging up in someone’s home. The lilting sound of music that can be heard being hummed by someone as they pass by. A beautiful dress carefully constructed to fit perfectly. A beautifully crafted coffee maker, using science I don’t understand to brew the perfect cup.

Art is almost like getting a glimpse into a person’s soul, every piece carefully constructed and lovingly brought into the world. And I love all of it.

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Re: June 2017) Art – Artesima Piper

Post by Patricia » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:28 pm

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