Duty (length)

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Duty (length)

Post by Caoimhe » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:40 am

"This is Itchy, he's come by to get you pregnant."

Caoimhe balked at her mother's introduction of the twitchy street urchin that was barely out of puberty and smelled like a combination of moldy cheese, sewage and week old coffee grounds.

"What? FUCK YOU!" Caoimhe spat at them both. It made her mother frown, but made Itchy smile.

"Well, yeah, that's the general idea." he quipped back. Caoimhe stared down the boy/walking trash heap and glared at him in a way that some would swear could burn holes in your flesh. He squirmed at the look and looked at her mother. "Hey, what gives?" he asked, "Didn't she get the memo?"

"I'm sorry Itchy. She's new to all this - I've been lax and haven't gotten around to telling her about her breeding duties."

Caoimhe's eyes went wide. "BREEDING DUTIES????!!!! THIS BLOODY WELL BETTER BE A SICK JOKE!!!"

Itchy left, amused and left mother and daughter to talk.


Those were the things that her mother told her that day were her duty above all other things now that she was part of this world.


She held the crying woman in her arms.
She didn't even know what her name was - only that Two Barrel had brought her to their apartment and thrown her at Caoimhe with only three words of explanation - "Her pack's dead."
So.... she held the woman, and stroked her hair, and mumbled soothing nothings into her ear.....
And when the woman started to take off Caoimhe's shirt and jeans.... Caoimhe let her.
It wasn't sex.
The other woman never undid a button, but having a naked kin in her arms through the night who wasn't dead in the morning.... it was a comfort to the now packless Black Fury.
The Fury left the next evening...... she gave a kiss to Caoimhe, a thank you to Two Barrel and then stepped into the mirror and vanished.

...... Caoimhe never did learn her name....


Two Barrel and his pack surrounded the warehouse at the docks. Caoimhe's contact had told her that a bad leech transport had come in late and three packs of Wyrmy Leeches were now waiting out the day here - so she'd told the pack.

Now, she was bent over at her little pile of TNT fiddling with her fuse. It was her job to light the place up and run like hell - the pack would take care of any of the fangs who tried to escape the flames.

She concentrated and did her duty - lighting the massive fire before running to her view point to watch the pack do clean up.

The flames took the building like planned, but the sea breeze complicated things and to keep the pack from getting caught in the back blow from the breeze, she'd had to move in closer to do a back burn. When they came back and found her closer than they thought she should be - she didn't correct them. They didn't need to know why she'd moved closer, that wasn't supposed to be her role here.... so she just took the verbal lashing and promised to not overstep herself the next time.


She didn't know who he was, but when he stepped out of the mirror of her hotel room wearing a big floppy hat and a shirt with poet's sleeves while he tried to smoke a pencil, she knew WHAT he was.
No, she informed him, it wasn't the glorious age of reason, it was the year 18__. No, he wasn't in Arcadia, this was a fecked up part of San Jose. Yes - San Jose- in CALIFORNIA.
No, she wasn't a... whatever he'd just called her - she was kinfolk. No, she was not going to breed with him for the glory of ANYONE- she didn't even know his fucking name! Yes, knowing his name would help - yes, good luck with the trying to remember it because of lots of people in fact WOULD be asking for it. Yes, she was completely certain that she was not a whore, women just dress like this now a days. Yes, he must have been lost in the Umbra for quite a while now. No, if he was that prone to getting lost there, the mirror was probably not the best way to leave, perhaps he should try the door instead? Yes, she had just called out into the hallway for someone to come get him and help him get better adjusted to this new place and time. Yes, she was quite certain she did not want to go into the umbra with him and live out her life fucking the spirit that had lead him to her mirror as chimminage for him - he could come up with his own chimminage thank you very much.
Yes, she was quite certain that her knife probably did hurt when she jabbed it into his flesh like that, but he really did need to stop trying to flip her over and fuck her.
Yes, this was the man she called out to, now get the fuck out of her room.
No, she was quite sure she would not be here in the morning for him to hire as a prostitute because she'd now decided to move out of San Jose so as to never have to see his face again, thank you very much have a nice day and welcome back to the realm.

So, Comfort, Support and Sanity seen to - guess I'll have to check off Sex, Children and Food somewhere else - cause sod this bullshit for a bag of chips - between this and the fucking Fang population growing here in San Jose - it's time to get the fuck outta dodge.
---- You have to be brave. Your courage to do what is right has to be greater than your fear of getting hurt. Be brave. ----

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Re: Duty (length)

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