Stories Underhill - Prologue

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Stories Underhill - Prologue

Post by Caoimhe » Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:32 pm

Young Caoimhe sat on the floor at her Da's feet with her little sister's head in her lap. The fire filled the attic apartment with the comforting smell of home and pushed the winter chill away. The storm knocked at the shutters, but neither of the girls feared the winter blizzard. It was the storm in all its frozen fierceness that had driven the Parke family out of their city house and thu given their father time off. And anything that gave them a full day with Da was to be blessed, not feared.

Da had his slippers on, his pipe was lit and a fresh cuppa was at his elbow - which meant only one thing - STORY TIME!

"What sort of thing shall our tale today be about?" he asked his eager daughters.

"The shining host!" squealed out Moira predictably. She ALWAYS asked for stories of the Fae.

Caoimhe's answer took longer. She thought about it and then said softly "A tale about the power of stories."

Her father gave her an odd look, but then nodded and took a deep puff on his pipe.

"This tale was told to me by my gran, who heard it from her gran who swore that it was a true tale of a woman she knew from her days by the Boyne river in County Meath."

Both girls nodded - this was the way all the stories started - Da would list his source and where the tale came from - because such details were important when you knew the story was a true one. And of course, Da only ever told TRUE tales.

"What you need to know first is that the woman was duine le draíocht - someone with magic. Some called her a witch, some called her a vampire, some accused her of being a Selkie who'd lost her skin - what she was in truth, well, that's another tale. All you need to know was that she had inside her many powers - and that her mind wasn't all the way in our world anymore."

Caoimhe rolled her eyes. "So she was a Silver Fang."

Her mother gave a snort and her father gave a scowl. "No, she was no Fang. As I said, that is another story altogether - and one for another day.
The other thing you need to know, was that her home was in danger. A magic book had been damaged and to fix that book, she needed to collect 6 stories from some of the oldest of the Fae.
So, she cloaked herself in an old tattered cloak, leaned on an old zebra wood cane and called in two favours owed - one from a redcap named Dúnmharú, and the other from a satyr named Damhsa. With the favours she asked that those who knew the stories she sought be called together and Damhsa and Dúnmharú act as her guides and guards for a trip Underhill."

Moira's eyes bugged out. "Wow! I wanna hear all THOSE stories! How did the sorceress get a favor owed to her by a redcap?!
And what happened that the magic book got damaged?! And why would those six stories fix it? And why did it need to be fixed anyway?"

Caoimhe nodded - they were all good questions that her sister asked, but she also knew that since Da had listed these as things that they needed to know for the story, that the details would remain obscured until those stories could be told on another day. They weren't stories that Da thought fit the bill, it was just background and for today would stay that way.

As she expected Da only shook his head. "Those are the things you need to know to begin with.
So, Dúnmharú and Damhsa sent out the Sorceress' request and led her through the gates at Fourknocks to the lands Underhill.

And this, my girls, is where the story begins."
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Re: Stories Underhill - Prologue

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