Stories Underhill - Part 3

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Stories Underhill - Part 3

Post by Caoimhe » Wed May 01, 2019 3:45 am

((Content Warning - abuse and rape))

Caoimhe's Da waiting for the laughter of his daughters to die down before he took up the tale again.

With the first story in hand, the Sorceress looked up at the dias and realized that while the unseilie were happy to see Grigori humbled, those of the shinning court were less so. Two more seilie stories to win in trade, and now they were wary of her and likely disinclined to deal with her for fear of humiliation similar to what she had levied upon Grigori. It was going to be an uphill battle - but before she could strategize how to proceed, the violet haired unseilie aos sí stood from her seat.

"You say you have stories that we have never heard - new stories. I shall share with you a story of your choosing if you can tell me a story that I have never heard - one that tells the truth of humanity that those of the Christ God refuse to see in their own teachings."

The Sorceress saw the trap - asking for a new story that the aos sí had never heard, but insisting that it be about the teachings of the Christ God - stories so well known that not only had everyone in the room heard them, but they had likely gone to war against the powerful dreams inspired by them.

The Sorceress rapped the zebra wood staff against the floor once.

"I seek the tale of the thin man who takes others for walks in the garden, who appears with the thick woman who eats."

Silence fell on the hall so thick that even the echoes and the stars went dead.

"Why do you seek that tale?" asked the violet haired woman in a hushed and fearful tone.

The Sorceress shook her head in denial.

"You have already set forth the new tale you would like to hear from me. The why of what I look for is a tale I may be willing to trade with another, but for payment in kind.
Will you honor your agreement of trade if I can tell you the sort of tale you have asked for?"

The beautiful woman sneered and her teeth seemed to grow into fangs. The two remaining seilie on the dias smirked to see one of the dark court gotten the better of just as much as their peer Grigori had been earlier.

"If you can give me a dark tale that will satisfy me on the theme that I have asked, that I have never heard before - then yes, I shall trade to you what you ask."

"Witnessed!" cried out Grigori in a bit of revenge.

The Sorceress bowed her head and took a breath.

Caoimhe and Moira whipped their heads to the other side of the room in surprise as their mother's voice took over the tale. Their Da only smirked and sat back to listen.

"How did it all start?
Well, God told Adam that the apples were forbidden - contraband if you will. Where Adam had no interest in apples before, all of a sudden apples were all he could talk about. And since there really wasn't much to keep his attention in the garden, Eve had to hear about apples a lot. Day and night it was apples this and apples that.

So Eve didn't pick the apple and tempt Adam I hear you ask?
Oh Eve picked the apple, but that doesn't mean she tempted the man. God tempted Adam. Forbidding the apple made the fruit of the tree tempting enough without any help from her. Adam whined for weeks about how juicy the apples looked and how delicious they must be. He would ask Eve every day "Don't you wonder what they taste like Eve? Aren't you curious at all?" Every day when the sun was at it's zenith, like clockwork. But every day she gave him the same answer. "No. I do not want to taste the apple. I don't want to disobey God." Then one day she made a mistake. When he asked her why she didn't want to taste the apple I said the eight words she would always regret. Eve told him "I am content with the way things are." Those eight words changed everything.

How so?
He wanted to taste the fruit of the tree, but for some reason, he wanted Eve to taste it with him. That's when things got bad. He started trying to persuade her to pick an apple for the two of them. When she wouldn't be persuaded he yelled, when yelling didn't work, he hit her. He told her when he was beating her that it was her fault. He told her she was making him hit her. He told her that he could never be content until he had eaten of the fruit of the tree, and since he couldn't be content then neither could she.

What happened after he beat her?
She gave in. Wouldn't you? It was so much easier then standing up to him, and it seemed like such a little thing. So, she went to the tree, picked an apple, took a bite like he wanted and then gave him the rest. He ate the whole God damn thing without any convincing on her part. Knowledge came rushing into them both. Hellfire, no-one should have to learn like that. So much information at one time, my head aches even at the thought of it. Eve blacked out from the flood. When she finally came to, Adam had her pinned to the ground and was making use of his new-found knowledge.

He raped her
- violently.
She didn't say a word about it to God. She was too ashamed. After all, if she hadn't picked the apple, or if she hadn't taken a bite, or if she hadn't blacked out, or if she hadn't provoked Adam, or if she hadn't said she was content and provoked her husband’s anger, or if at any point she had talked with God about the whole thing, then maybe it could have been stopped or maybe even prevented. So many ifs and maybes. She convinced herself that Adam hadn't meant it. He was her husband. She knew he loved her. The beatings and the rape had gotten away from him is all. That wasn’t the real Adam, he didn’t enjoy hurting her. He loved her; he didn't mean it. She kept telling herself that over and over. When that didn't work, she told herself that the whole thing was her fault. That she must have deserved it; asked for it in some way.

So that's why God expelled them from the garden?
No. I'll tell you a secret. God has a lot going on. So much in fact, that to God everything has the same immediacy to it unless you or I say otherwise. Eve didn't say a word about it to God. Not the beatings, or the apple, or the rape- nothing. God let it happen because Eve didn't ask him to stop it. She didn't stand up to her husband, and she didn't ask for help and so it wasn't God who let it happen, it was Eve. She had no one to blame but herself. Eve was more afraid of my husband then God, and when God gave her the chance to speak against Adam, her snake of a husband, she stayed silent. Her own silence damned her to a life of beatings and pain.

And so... that is the true legacy of humanity - not merely the sin of falling to temptation - but falling to the temptation of each other and lies and pain and violence.
Isn't it grand?"

Caoimhe and Moira stared at their mother in shock. Their Da let out a sigh and shook his head. "Honestly love, I'm not sure they were old enough for that version of the tale...

Their mother stared down their Da with a gaze of steel. "They're old enough for it to happen to them, so they're old enough to hear.

Their Da thought about his wife's argument for a moment and then continued with the tale.

There was no applause at the end of her tale.
There was only silence.

And then, the woman with the violet hair stood from her chair.
A page of parchment appeared in her hand and she handed it to the Sorceress, full of the words of the story that had been asked for.
The Sorceress took the page with a hand full of bent and crooked fingers, and folded it up to tuck it away under her cloak. Even the paper though, made no noise.

It was Dúnmharú next to her that broke the unnatural quiet.

".... Oi, ... that was fecked up Shannon."

Caoimhe and Moira could only nod their very shocked agreement.
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Re: Stories Underhill - Part 3

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