Outgoing Correspondence (Length)

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Outgoing Correspondence (Length)

Post by AntoniaMariaReyes » Wed May 06, 2020 7:35 pm

[[The following letter is simply addressed to 'Cale']]

Dear Cale,

San Francisco is extraordinarily boring. I know Quarry Creek is also usually boring, so if you have free time, you ought to come visit San Francisco and we can be bored together. If anyone else entertaining is also bored, you should bring them! I don't have my own place to stay, but I know of a couple of abandoned ships at the harbor that haven't sunk yet and are perfectly safe to stay on for a few days. Also, if you could please bring some ball bearings, that would be very helpful. None of the shops here will sell them to me anymore. I have no idea why.

I don't remember whether or not you know how to read, so if you can't, I hope you have someone who isn't Bastion read this letter to you. If this is Bastion reading to you, hello Bastion! I was just kidding earlier and won't get Cale into any trouble if he visits, don't you worry. 

Anyway, even if you aren't able to visit you should at least write me back and tell me about anything interesting I've missed. Get in trouble for me and tell me how it goes! (Again, if this is Bastion reading, I was just joking and I'm sure he won't take that last part seriously). 

I don't miss you, I've never worried about you, and I'm not looking forward to hearing from you at all. But do something amusing and poorly-planned and then write back to tell me about it anyway.


P.S. Please give Thimble some grapes and confetti from me. If you don't know where to find confetti, I have a stash hidden in the blacksmith's under the bed near the side door. And above the second rafter from the front. And in Maffick in one of the wooden boxes for sale, if Avery hasn't already sold it.

[[The following letter is addressed to 'Donovan and Mae Belgrave]]

Dear Donnie and April,

Golden Gate is terrible. I hate it here, it's boring and all the people are the very worst. I've had an awful time staying with them. Thank you very much for the introduction.

Please look out for Maffick for me (because obviously you won't be doing that already), and let me know if anything fun has happened while I've been away. Also, if you have time, please leave a handful buttons on Lyra's bed and say nothing. I promise her reaction will be worth it.

I'm not doing well, I'm not thinking of you, I likely won't be back in Quarry Creek at the end of the summer, and I won't see you soon. 

Always Insincerely,

[[The following letter is addressed to "Piper Lemeoo Liemyu Liemieaeux" ]]

Hopefully Quarry Creek is doing well and being boring and un-fun without me. My very secret mission has had a few hiccups. The caliber of toys available here is sorely lacking, and I was disappointed to learn that dynamite is even more expensive here than Quarry Creek, but despite that I've managed to get by. 

On the bright side, I'm learning so much! For example, I've learned that apparently it's very difficult to get ink out of white linen. At least, that's what the banker yelled at me after he touched the doorknob and then his shirt. Relatedly, can you recommend a good bank if I'm looking to open an account? The bank I had in mind is no longer pursuing my business. Something about me not being welcome after I inked all their doorknobs? Slander and lies, obviously.

How are our friends in New Haven doing? Not that I'm worried or anything, but... if you wrote me an update about them, I suppose I would be willing to take some time out of my busy day to read it.

I hope you found the box of things I left, and that you hated them. I'll be back once my very secret mission is over. Or, when I'm bored. Whichever comes first. So probably not very much longer.

Worst Regards,

P.S. How the heck do you spell your last name? It sounds french, so I just kept adding letters until it looked wrong and way too long. I think I got it!
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