Down on his luck

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Down on his luck

Post by SonOfYork » Mon May 11, 2020 12:22 am

I awoke in a bed in an unfamiliar room. There were some bandages on me and lingering soreness, but thankfully, it did not appear I was suffering any lingering damage. I sat up, and felt the room spin around me and different coloured spots appeared in my vision. After several minutes, the spots faded and the room stopped spinning. One things were level enough that I could get proper bearings, I heard the long low creaking of a door, and eventually, my eyes focused on an elderly man. The man carried with him a pitcher and a cup, filling it with water, to which I expressed eternal gratitude. We got to talking, during which, I told the story of how I was attacked.

As it seems, shortly after a close friend of mine died, I heard reports that an individual using his name was travelling about the country. Perhaps because I took a direct interest in him, he had several times attempted to deflect hostilities from him to me. I have heard from others that I bear an uncanny resemblance to him. I kept in touch with my family with a story about exploring the frontier. From time to time, I would receive funds and would keep my search going. Unfortunately, me waking up from an ambush by others had happened once or twice previously, though I did not inform the old man this aspect. Still, I may have been penniless, by my father taught me to always pay my debts, so the next few days were full of work. It seemed that he didn't believe me at first when I told him I knew some carpentry, but I managed to impress him by doing several proper repairs around his homestead. I worked a bit harder than I should have, partly out of gratitude, and partly to hide my embarrassment at yet again falling into another trap of the man who sullied the name of my friend

After a couple days, we made a trip to town, the old man passing me a few cents to help me get back on my feet. While I knew I would have to send a telegraph, I needed a drink first. I didn't want to have to write the letter to my family asking for money without at least something to settle the nerves I had.

The saloon was small, but thankfully not crowded at the time of day. I ordered a glass of beer, and slowly drank it. Off in the corner, a young man was practicing playing the piano. He was not fully professional in skill, but it was enough to create a nice ambiance. I closed my eyes and relaxed, trying to figure out what I would tell my family...

I open my eyes after days of being asleep. Most of my ill gotten gains are gone and I only have a few pennies to my name given to me by that old guy. Old man and his family know my name, and I'd have to figure out if it's worth going after them or not. But that's later talk.

Piano man's crap at playing, but I feel like I owe him. I hate owing people. I make a mental note to see if there's a brothel I can have one of the ladies desire him to pay him back.

Once done with that, I have a few ideas on getting cash. Once I get that, I'll see about tracking down those guys who jumped me. Sure, some might say it was justified, considering that I conned their friends, but to try to murder me like that?

No, that's a debt I intend to pay in a different way. Again though, that's later talk. Right now, I've got this beer, and I got this garbage music recharging me. It's more than I need to get back on my feet

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