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Not many people showed up for this one. Only this guy's neighbor really had any conversing with the deceased. All the same, I had a coffin made and set the room up for anyone who knew him. Nobody showed up. I poured myself a drink and raised the glass up, "Apologies if you wanted a holy man. I don't rightfully know your faith and didn't want to offend."

I drank what I had and poured another. "It ain't right, not havin' anyone to remember you. Even your neighbor only had a half remembered your name. Edward Johnson or Johnston, he said. Look, if you do come back as a ghost, I highly recommend haunting him. That and once you get some money, to visit Lotties, since they got someone there who'll be able to cater to those needs on your side. Yes, you can get money there, no, I don't know how you earn it there, try askin' the guy on your side who works in the forge, he'll be able to set you up."

I give half a smile and sip from the glass, feeling the burn as it relaxes me, "I guess, in a way, I'm as close to a holy man as most others. I know there's another side. I commune with higher spirits. I fight for a greater good. If, however, you ain't one who agrees with religion, I should kindly inform you that I am an outcast in my society, so it's also slightly blasphemous. I suppose that means I'm qualified to do this, no matter what you believe, since it's even odds I either offend whichever higher power you believe in, or I do you a solid based on your wishes."

I stand and face the empty room, "Mr Johns-" I cough and sputter, "-on had himself a goal. Gettin' rich was a means to his end. Here, he made enough of an impression for his neighbor to bring him in for a right and proper burial. His neighbor said, and I remember if as it was yesterday, 't'wouldn't be right, leavin' him out.' so that tells us that the departed had the good sense to have a caliber of neighbors higher than most in a boomtown such as this."

I rest my hand on the coffin, "He had a hell of a work ethic. He worked the land in the hopes that She would grant him Her bounty. He worked hard, day and night, in health, and even in sickness. I ain't a doctor, but I don't believe work helps you with typhoid, but well, hindsight bein' what it is..."

I take another sip, "I don't mean to offend. When I was with my people, it was my job to question and to joke and well, the habit never left. But, at the same time, my daddy raised me with ideas of duty. Were anyone else here, I would offer the floor... But there ain't..."

A few moments of silence pass before I say, "Alright, Edward, I wish you well. This world was cruel to you and I hope the next will be kind. But in the end, you had someone speak of you, even if they didn't know you. For what it's worth? It's more than I expect'll happen to me."

I finish the glass and leave in silence. Thankfully, I ain't hit by lightning for my eulogy. In a few hours, I'll bury him.

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