(Canon) Proposed: NECROMANCY: Death's Head (4)

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(Canon) Proposed: NECROMANCY: Death's Head (4)

Post by Rydath » Tue May 23, 2017 10:44 am

Ritual: Death’s Head
Requirements: Necromancy, Rituals 4
Ritual components: A porcelain mask. Paint.
Cost: 5 blood.
Level: 4
Purpose: Disguise yourself as a Wraith
Expected Casting Time: 5 minutes
Prepare your necromantic foci.
Place the mask and set up your paint and painting tools in front of you. Extract blood from yourself, and mix it into the paints. Then, speak the following incantation over the materials:

“Corpse switches kind,
Blood becomes Passion,
Truth hides behind,
This mask I Fashion.”

Use the blood and paint mixture to Decorate the mask; either pantomime or actually paint/ draw on a mask. You should think about what you know about Wraiths and what sort of personality you will want to portray when creating your mask design. Once you are satisfied with the decorations, speak the following incantation over the mask:

“With fresh paint I go,
Where colors all fade,
Into the shadow;
a new Masquerade.”

Equip the Mask activating the ritual effect. If you are attacked or use any powers while painting, the ritual fails and must be restarted from the beginning. You must equip the mask within 5 minutes of completing the final incantation or else the ritual effect fails.

This mask counts as a ‘Mask’ power. Because of the nature of Mask powers, you are not recognizable as your character the duration of the ritual, though iconic clothes or personality may give you away.
As soon as the mask is put on, you enter the umbra. For the next 4 hours, or until you take off the mask, your native realm becomes the Umbra, and you gain the following powers: Imposter: Wraith, Convert Pathos, and immunity: frenzy. For the duration, you also lose vulnerability to sunlight, and lose the following powers: Blood Feeding, The Kiss, Blood Healing, and the ability to initiate a Blood Bond. All existing blood bonds remain.

When the mask is completely removed or the duration expires, the effect ends and the mask breaks.

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Re: (Canon) Proposed: VAMPIRE: Death's Head

Post by Ginger » Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:29 pm

" lose the following powers: Blood Feeding, The Kiss, Blood Healing, Blood Bond."

You lose the ability to initiate a bond? your existing bonds seem to break for the duration? or something else?
(I think losing existing bonds is hard to RP, so only initiating a bond should be lost.")

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Re: (Canon) Proposed: NECROMANCY: Death's Head (4)

Post by Skinner » Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:15 am

Bumping this thread! I want more canon rituals to be in game! What has to happen for this to be approved?