Minimum Player XP


Minimum Player XP

Postby Brian » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:10 pm

We've got some great news for new and prospective players at Dark Prospects (as well as people who haven't been around since early games). As a new and ongoing feature, there will be a minimum amount of XP applied to accounts. This XP dynamically increases with each game at a rate of 1 per game and 1 per season. As of game 4.4, that will be 23 XP. If the total amount of earned XP on your account is less than that value, you will be brought up to that value. The registration system will automatically apply this amount going forward. If you've already registered, I'll be manually settally setting the value for the coming session - sorry for the inconvenience. This will apply to all new players as well - if you're just now joining our game, you'll come in with this bonus for your first session and can spend it as you'd like (including on character creation).

We're also applying this benefit back to season 3, episode 1. If you started at or after 3.1 you will receive an XP boost equal to that you would have gotten on the game you started at. (if you started at 3.1, you'll see a sudden boost of 13XP on your account) I will be applying this XP boost manually and updating this post when completed.
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