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Storyteller Team Openings

Post by Brian » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:42 pm

Hey you, yeah, you!

The Dark Prospects team is looking for a group of storytellers to move into an active role guiding the players and story of Dark Prospects. Justin, our head Storyteller, mentioned that he needs to take a break from the role in order to refresh and reset his capabilities, and that means we need people to join our team.

We know that a lot of players, especially those who haven't tried Storytelling before, lack confidence in their ability to storytell. We encourage you to apply regardless. Our team will be glad to help train you and in all likelihood, you're already better than you think you are!

Well, what do you get for being storyteller currently?
  • 9XP per game
  • No cost to attend
  • The ability to change lives (mostly fictitious ones, but there is often significant player impact by the stories told)
  • Creative flexibility
  • The adoration of players
  • A chance to tell YOUR stories.
If it sounds like a lot of fun to expand stories throughout the Dark Prospects world, create villains and allies, work to maintain the living world that is Dark Prospects, build people to interact with, be part of a pretty awesome team of intense gamers, and maybe even torment a few PCs from time to time, you should send a message our way.

What we'd like to see
  • A creative mind
  • Stories to tell
  • At least some familiarity with White Wolf's World of Darkness
  • A feel for our game's setting (1850s-1860s), as well as the general feel of the Western genre
  • The ability to work in a team with other creative individuals to create a cohesive story.
Send a PM (Private Message) to the Storytellers group with the following:
  • Who are you?
  • Do you have Storytelling experience? If so, what kind? (It's totally okay not to have any ST experience!)
  • Why are you interested in joining the team?
  • What kind of plots are you most interested in running?
  • Provide an example of a plot (small or large) that you'd like to see run - you do not need to flesh this plot out in whole, but provide an idea of a situation, any NPCs involved, and what you'd like to see players take from that story.
  • Is there anything else the team should know?
The Storyteller and Executive Officer teams are working together to create additional policies to help improve your experience as a Storyteller as well. Our most recent discussion revolved around providing STs the chance to act as players a few times per season to allow them to refresh and experience the game from a player perspective more often. This type of plan requires at least 3 (preferably 4 or more) storytellers in order to be viable. We're excited to hear ideas from current and prospective Storytellers as to how we can continue to improve their experience and make it easier to maintain their positions on staff.

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Re: Storyteller Team Openings

Post by Chris » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:23 pm

Please include also:
When you would be willing to start.
Would you be willing to full time ST (which still includes games off if we get enough team members) or are you only applying to be part of a trial run of part time sts?

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