NPC Casting and Town Hall Warning


NPC Casting and Town Hall Warning

Postby Chris » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:44 pm

Prospects Players,

As usual, we have some npc slots we would like to fill in advance.

Saturday after the moot (report to st camp at 3pm) - we need 2-4 combat npcs.

Saturday night (report to St camp at 8pm.) 5+ npcs, we will have both combat and roleplay needs.

If you played an NPC is the food plot last game, please contact us so we can schedule your return.

Please note: The town hall will be massively veil unsafe from ~9pm until about midnight. Players will be welcome inside any time to eat, but the space will be co-locating with an umbral realm and probably full of combat. Then again, most of town will probably be full of combat during that time anyway.
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