Some ST announcements for 5.2

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Some ST announcements for 5.2

Post by Chris » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:58 pm

The ST team just had a meeting over the course of several hours, and while we still have lots of work to do before game, there are some announcements we want to share with you.

Blinking Lights OK?: We are considering using blinking lights during an encounter to signify NPCs in the umbra, because that is more visually distinct than a solid light. If this would be bad for you in some way, please let us know or let XO know and we won't do it.

Plot Start Time: While game on is earlier, don’t expect much ST content to come out before 9 or 10 on Friday night. Most of our team can’t get to site in time to run content earlier than that. However, we might be able to send out non ST played NPCs.

Tell us you are IG: Please let ST camp know when you are in game Friday, so that we have a reasonable idea of how much of game is ready to play, and if NPCs want to talk to you, we know we can send them out.

Pen Pals: Are you interested in being an NPC pen pal with a character in game? Are you interested in your PC having a pen pal? Both? Please let us know and we will coordinate pairs with you and give the NPC half of the pen pal combo some information to include in letters.

Policy on Triatic Taint: NPCs that understand what Wyld/Wyrm/Weaver taint are and know the origin story of the Triat will share the following opinion: “there is no such thing as taint from the un-fallen Triat, allegiance to these powers does not manifest as taint. The reason that Wyld/Weaver/Wyrm aspected spirits have taint, even if allied with the unfallen Triat, is that the Triat are so thoroughly fallen that allegiance to them conveys some of their fallen taint.” NPCs will not all share an opinion as to what should be done about this allegiance/taint.

Opt In Conflict: ST team ran a poll a while ago asking if people wanted more inter faction conflict, and the player base was split evenly between yes and no, so we have devised a compromise. Please let ST camp know if you are interested in participating in the following content. Participants will be contacted by an NPC asking them to do something mildly detrimental to another participant in exchange for a reward. The requested actions will be small inconveniences or annoyances, and not harmful in a major way. In theory, this way we will give players who want conflict conflict, without drawing anyone in who doesn’t want in.

Cast NPCs: We continue to desire to cast recurring NPCs. If you are interested in having an NPC role that you can play frequently, please let us know and we will help you develop one. Is there a recurring NPC that you wished existed for you to interact with? Let us know and maybe we can give that idea to someone who wants to play a cast NPC but doesn’t have an idea for one. One upside to cast NPCs is that you can choose to work out with ST between games what your NPC will do, and then you can play them without even having to walk to ST camp. You could change in your cabin, play the NPC, change back in your cabin, and just submit your NPC report later.
Some recently filled cast NPC roles include: Cockroach, the Tremere Lord in San Francisco, a conservative Silver Fang, a wraith preacher, and someone from North Quarry Creek campaigning to have quarry creek choose a 3 Selectmen system instead of having a mayor. A cast NPC is just an NPC that comes back to town a lot and helps make the world feel bigger.

NPC reports due: If you want NPC XP in time to use it for Check-In at 5.2, NPC reports must be completed by our next ST meeting on 10/21.

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Executive Officer
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Re: Some ST announcements for 5.2

Post by Chris » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:02 pm

Here are some old announcements that are still relevant, so Im posting again.

Definition of “Un/Veiled Character”
You may see “Any veiled” or “any unveiled” character on documents from st camp (for example, later on this document). The player in question may decide if their character is “Veiled” or “unveiled” for the purpose of these documents. ST camp often uses this distinction to give information about supernatural events to every character that is privy to the existence of the supernatural world, without making it impossible to play a character that is not aware.

Saturday Night Veil Unsafe Time
In deference to players with veiled character, ST camp will generally try to limit threats to the Veil/Masquerade/Dictum down during game. We want to let you have your mortal-in-a-supernatural-world experience. However, on Saturday after dark, all bets are off. If you do not already have a plan to keep your veil intact during this time (staying indoors and ignoring noise from outside/npc/alt etc) and would like one, please tell a storyteller and we will be happy to work with you.

Planning In Character Events
If you are planning an in character event and have a preference about whether or not it is interrupted by plot shenanigans, please let ST camp know. Likewise please let us know if there is an NPC you particularly want to attend your events. The further in advance we get this information, the more likely that we can accommodate, but better late than never.

Making Sure You Have Fun
ST camps primary goal is to make sure everyone has fun at game. Please let us know if we can work with you to help. This includes things like
-Helping your new character get involved in town, we can have NPCs introduce you to PCs in town.
-Helping you with some random idea you had
-”Im not having fun because XYZ, can you help me figure out a way around that?”

NPC Sign-ups in Advance
Feel free to approach us in advance about NPCing. We always take walk ins, but it is also great to get asked “what times should i come npc this game” or “I will probably have some slow time saturday afternoon, can you have something for me to do then?” or “Can i and 3 others come do a combat/rp/puzzle/silly/etc plot later?”

We will have cooler stuff for you to do if you give us some time in advance to think about it.

ST camp does not currently have the wherewithal to implement the renown system as written. Until further notice, ST camp is accepting (and encouraging) renown story submissions in the following ways.
Typed up and sent to us
Written down and delivered to us
Recorded somehow and sent to us
Bonus points for other clever delivery methods.
Spend a Bounty Board reward to talk to a renown spirit or story-telling-character (in the form of an ST) in ST Camp, or by putting it in the Notes section of a Bounty Board claim.

Renown Pt2:
If you feel that you have earned renown in game that you have not received, please come have a conversation with Chris so that any discrepancy can be addressed.

Renown and NPCing
While you will not currently earn renown as an NPC or during downtime, if you are worried that NPCing will hurt your ability to renown please talk to Storytellers. We will help make sure you are not disadvantaged by NPCing.

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