XP Awards 5.1

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XP Awards 5.1

Postby Brian » Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:21 pm

Thanks to all who voted for XP awards for Season 5 Episode 1!

Top Choice:
----Lindsay (Carlotta Hamilton & Caoimhe McArdell)
----Chew (Elias Hold)
Best supporting character:
----Ian (Pason)
----Aidan (Raphael Veruccio & portages the river)
----Cora (Sybil Boyer & Pearl Zenetti)
----Chew (Elias Hold)
----Patricia (Colette & Delphine Laskarina Bouboulina)
----gm5333 (Mizushima Thorvald & Two)
Best costume element:
----Justin S (Piper Lemieux & Buttons)
----Skinner (Vienna Childs)
Best schemer:
----Skinner (Vienna Childs)
----Joetor (Ephraim Westfall & Atherton Crisp)
----Myranda M (Annette Bellthorne)
----Peter M (Vengeant & Ernest)
Non-Staff Game support:
----Justin C (Sebastion Dawes & Samuel Bennet)
----Aidan (Raphael Veruccio & portages the river)
----Peter McMahon (Vengeant & Ernest)
----Victoria (Christina Nicolosi & Alex Swift)
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