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NPC Sign Ups

Post by Chris » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:27 pm

St camp will be taking walk in NPCs as usual next weekend, but we also have some NPCs we would like to cast in advance. Contact Chris for additional information and to claim a spot.

Any time
Nosferatu - Recurring - NPC Gets its own mini game
Renown Spirits - Must feel confident in taking relevant notes for renown in a format that is legible and relevant. We may have a way for you to voice record, so you can type-transcribe at st camp.
Mortal Prostitute - recurring

Saturday Early Afternoon
One Werewolf, not meant for combat but it might happen. CoG Theurge

Saturday, pick your time
NPCs willing to “teach” skills or skill trees. Have some sort of lesson plan to make this engaging for PCs

Saturday Evening Big Fight - NPCs for the big fight will get an additional reward for missing out on PCing during the big show
1 person to facilitate and oversee PCs doing non combat tasks in town hall
As many combat NPCs as we can get.

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