Changeling coming - Reserve now!

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Changeling coming - Reserve now!

Postby Ralph » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:39 pm

Dark Prospects is currently planning to release Changeling as part of the mid-season rules update. That means that the first changeling characters are planned to be available during the February game.

In order to help us determine rarity cost, we need to know who intends to play changelings this season. Changeling will NOT have a zero rarity cost on day one; it will be determined by the number of reservations we receive. However, only those people who make reservations (and new players!) will be able to make changelings this season - but the rarity cost will be the same for everyone no matter which of the first 3 games they introduce the character. Rarity will then be recalculated and used as normal starting with the first game of Season 6.

So! Would you like to play a changeling during February, March, or April 2019 - either as an Alt or Primary? If so, please go here:
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