ST Announcements Game 5.3 - Terra Incognita

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ST Announcements Game 5.3 - Terra Incognita

Postby PeterS » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:14 am

RAIN is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Safety of the players takes precedence over anything else. If the rain is too heavy, we will not have a traditional “final fight” on Saturday and will instead have smaller encounters that can be held for interested groups on the other side of Town Hall. ST Camp will never penalize players for wanting to remain warm and dry. If you feel that plot is doing so, talk to us and we will work out alternatives. If to stay warm for a bit, you need to wear non-1800s clothing, come to ST Camp! You can do a shift as something wearing a tabard over a heavy hoodie for instance, or work inside on crafting or organizing.

Do not bring up recent personal events with Channing. Just leave that subject alone.

EARTHQUAKE! In the fiction of the game, there will be an earthquake on Saturday. This will be handled by an ST out of game screaming out “EARTHQUAKE” This is a medium-sized quake, something that rattles the walls but does not cause massive destruction to buildings. You might RP perhaps that a glass fell. Your character may have never experienced an earthquake before.

Submitting a Feedback after game now rewards you with information for your character, as if you did a downtime action.

There may be scenes in coming games that allow for information and plot effects with the use of skills in ways other than their mechanics, like using detection to “track” things.

Players should familiarize themselves with the rules for Stone Body and Dynamite. They may be used in unconventional ways this game.
Stone Body: Equip a red mantle. While in this state, you reduce all incoming damage to 1. You may not move faster than a walking pace, but you may otherwise attack and act as normal. While in Stone Body no damage is considered aggravated.

Dynamite - Dynamite - A special item crafted through Gunsmithing/Ammosmithing 5. Dynamite has multiple uses. The lighting mechanism consists of using a flame prop, Flint and Steel, or a power which lets you call fire damage and calling: "Lighting Dynamite", you may switch to only one hand after the call. Make an audible count of "Burning". Once the effect of your Dynamite fires off, destroy the Dynamite tag.
The combat use for Dynamite starts with holding the Dynamite prop in both hands and using the lighting mechanism with a 3 count, then remove the sheath (if there is one) and throw the dynamite at the ground with a bit of force. The discs should shatter apart. Call "Boom Fire 4". If it fails to explode, you may reset the prop and use it again.
A single stick of Dynamite can be used to destroy any tagged item. Place a Dynamite prop on top of the item or temporarily attach it to the item, then use the lighting mechanism with a 3 count while moving away from the item. After the count yell "Boom Shatter [name of item]".
10 sticks of Dynamite can be used to disable any Node for 24 hours. Place the bundle of Dynamite at the node and use the lighting mechanism with a 30 count and move at least 30 feet away. Any targets within 30 feet of the dynamite when the Burning count completes will take 4 Fire damage. Use the sig call of "Massive Explosion. Within 30 feet of Dynamite take 4 damage." - it's long, but it matters.
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Re: ST Announcements Game 5.3 - Terra Incognita

Postby PeterS » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:14 am

NPC Schedule:
Friday Night:
2-5 human miners, non-combat. One of these will recur game 5. One or two will recur Saturday.

Saturday Morning:
1-3 humans hungry for breakfast, non-combat.

Saturday Afternoon:
2-3 Mystery combat antagonists. May recur that evening, weather permitting.
1-2 human miners, non-combat.
1 Child of Gaia Elder, non-combat.
1 book fan, non-combat.

Saturday Night:
5-7 NPCs to be combat antagonists, weather permitting.

Residents of Upcreek, the nearby mining community, to get business done in town.
Set-up Shifts, to help Storytellers prep spaces for plot use.
Organizational shifts for people wanting to clean ST Camp..
Crafting shifts for people wanting to help ST camp with simple masks and costumes.

ST Camp Dinner on Saturday Night: Beef Stew with Mashed Potatoes.
Staff and People who have done NPC shifts get first priority.
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