Official Changeling Rarity Costs for Season 5.

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Official Changeling Rarity Costs for Season 5.

Postby Ralph » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:31 pm

As of the deadline (12:01am this morning) there are 11 people who have successfully signed up for a Changeling reservation. We are also assuming that there will be 2 Sidhe in play.

Therefore, All changelings will need to pay 22 points for rarity cost. Sidhe will need to pay 4 more for a total cost of 26. You may go into XP debt to pay this cost if necessary.

Please note: Brand new players also get this same cost, even if they did not reserve a slot, so long as the character debut is within Season 5.

Starting with Season 6, Rarity costs will be calculated as normal for everyone.

Welcome to Changeling!
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