March 2015 Part 2) Your first - Sebastien

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March 2015 Part 2) Your first - Sebastien

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OOC Trigger Warning: Death of a Parent

The house had been quiet for hours. Night was fading now, the first peeking fingertips of dawn light stretching beyond the horizon. Sébastien sat in the conservatory, curled into a chair, face pressed against the window. Every few moments the glass fogged with his exhalation. Birds were beginning to chirp out in the garden as the sky progressively lightened, turning the garden into an eerie mix of shadows and rustling leaves. Perhaps on a different day it would have been pretty - Today it just felt wrong.

Somewhere down the halls, Sébastien heard a bell ring frantically. The silence of the house shattered all at once, with doors opening and people rushing down the halls. It was the soft but too-quick-to-be-calm footfalls of someone who was trying not to disturb an entire house in an emergency. There wasn't much point, though, there was no way his siblings would wake this early, and Sébastien hadn't slept in two days. For a few minutes, everything quieted again.

The glass fogged in front of his eyes again, covering the lightening garden from his view. Sébastien closed his eyes. One deep breath...

Down the hall, the house exploded into sound. People threw out the idea of keeping the house asleep. Startled, Sébastien sat up straight, and almost immediately stood. By the time he made it to his mother's door, he didn't need anyone to explain anything. Glancing into the room, it was clear she had stopped breathing. He didn't need to see anything else to know she wouldn't begin to do so again. It had only been a matter of time, and though the maids and the doctor and the Theurges would try, they blurred into haze of movement and noise.

Moving back into the hall, Sébastien's back hit the wall. Sliding down to sit on the floor, he curled into a ball. No tears came, no words. No real thoughts, either, with one exception: This was the first death he had ever known, much less loved.

He wasn't ready.

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Re: March 2015 Part 2) Your first - Sebastien

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