June 2015) - The day after the storm - Sebastien

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June 2015) - The day after the storm - Sebastien

Post by Eryn » Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:34 pm

The whole forest was still damp, the earth smelled of cedar and moss. The clouds had parted, but the winter sun only had so much ability to filter through these giants of the forest. Rain came in storms here, drenching the world all at once, driving people indoors, making the streets run with small rivers. Now, Sébastien sat on the edge of the Caern heart, staring out into the trees and the light steam that curled around their great trunks. The birds had come out again, not hiding from the torrential downpour of the past weekend, singing light songs and hopping around on branches high above him.

For the first time since coming here, he felt peace. Things were far from perfect, but the improvement from only a few months before was astounding. Somewhere in his heart he felt like the earth, the rain felt so strong that it might never end, and yet now, here he sat. Slowly drying, the sun peaking through fluffy clouds like the hope in his heart shyly emerged. Maybe what he was doing was a good thing after all, despite all the doubt this place had managed to inspire.

The rain didn't have to last forever.

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Re: June 2015) - The day after the storm - Sebastien

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