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Post by Carlotta » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:29 am

(May 2018 part 1 lit topic)

When it comes to my craft, I prefer to work with virgins.
I'm not shy about my preference, in fact - I'm rather vocal about it.
When a man asks to be with me, it's the first question I'll ask him.

So many of them seem confused or disappointed that I prefer virgins - some even get offended.
Very few ask why.

Virgins - don't have any bad habits to unlearn.
They are blank slates waiting to be shown what sex and lovemaking is all about.

In my profession, we get all kinds - but a large majority of men simply don't know how to be gentle, giving or considerate in bed.
Even when consent is given, so many men don't know how to make it a dance of equals and are too forceful in bed for the average woman - taking their due from their wives in the marriage bed instead of giving anything in return.
It's hard to teach a man who's been married for a decade that his rutting can be improved upon, or that there are ways he can go about things to bring pleasure to his partner and not just himself.
But a virgin? A virgin doesn't know any better. A virgin hasn't been taught to take; to show the woman who's boss in bed; or to slam-bam-thank you ma'am.

If every mother or father or best mate brought their virgin men to an experienced whore, we could craft consideration and giving into the love making of their blank slate - we could teach them the pleasures and the sense of accomplishment of making sex a true give and take.

Every virgin I bed is another man who I have taught consideration on a level his soul did not previously understand. Every virgin I teach is another man who is that much closer to seeing women as his equal in at least one facet of his life.

Whoring may be my profession, but I truly think that virgins are my greatest craft - for every virgin I lay with, I teach to sing out in an ecstatic duet instead of a screaming solo.
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Re: Virgins

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