January 2019 part 1) Darkness

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January 2019 part 1) Darkness

Post by Dakota » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:32 am

He walked around the area again, his paws making prints in the mud, as he found yet another area and sniffed again. The result was the same but this was his last lead.

His wolf eyes began to drip tears, the deep lines of red in the showed this was far from the first time. He moved into the nearby bush and shifted into his human form.

"Shes really gone." He whispered as he dusted himself off. He always felt like more dirt clung to him when he had fur.

He rarely spoke to her these days, her and her pack mainly kept to themselves. But now her pack was broken and hurting, but like a garou pack they where angry and only needed a target.

He remembered seeing the smallest of their pack in the street chasing one of his, lashing out with only words. she cursed his entire people, but when her eyes met his she added his moon. It did not even make sense when she shouted it, and maybe she did it because she truly felt that way. But he knew, looking into those desperate eyes he would help if he could.

Everyone had moved as one, people had taken risk for her, he had stopped short of offering his life. He knew that would not work, for even if it did, his pack would be just as foolhardy to get him back.

He had laughed when the human had barked out the rules, no drugs and guns in the same place.

No drugs....

How could he help in situations like this? What good did all his guns do when people needed....they needed....

He found himself in rage in his war form, trees around him torn to splinters his angry and sadness melding. His howls into the sky long and hard.

As his eyes regained focus his brother was there. In his human form, looking at him with those soft eyes. He was not soft, he had seen baddle, but his brother was not like him. He was an executioner. He would break all the rules and face the fire later.

He was talking, spouting something he thought was so important, that damn self righteous...

His heartbeat slowed and his logic returned, he could hear him now.

"...this is not you, you are not a monster. You are the one who is in control."

That hit him like slap, and he snapped back into his human form, shame surrounded him.

His brother kept speaking but he did not hear the words. He was trying to help, but he reminded him of everything he hated about his new life.

He thought he was over it. he had never lost control before. He convinced his brother he was fine, and he left him.

He made promises, asked for favors and found the right person. He handed them the brand he used to make her gift, they super heat it and brand him and use their powers to make it a scar.

Less than three hours after he took up the office. The mortal office? No, he took a vow to protect its people, all of its people, and he lost one already. He would mark them, each name, each loss.

Now he would learn ways to save and protect people,

even from themselves.

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Re: January 2019 part 1) Darkness

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