January 2019 part 2) Consequences

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January 2019 part 2) Consequences

Post by Dakota » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:51 am

Dakota woke, there was a searing pain in his arm. He remembered with a start with the night had held, his voice was raw, all the howling.

The winds told of something new coming to town, faeries, they where real, and they could not handle cold forged iron.

Good information, but he was not in the mindset to welcome anything.

He loaded his holsters and wrapped his coat around him and set his shoulders. He headed out of town, wth some water and hardtack, as soon as he was out of the area he shifted to his wolf form and ran.

He ran, he ran down to a hidden place where his strider mentor had shown him to ask. He headed through it to find his friend. He wanted to speak with other crafters.

He paid the price, as he was told he would have to, giving the gateway gnosis and a small scraping from his boots.

He found himself on the edge of a baoun, here he should howl. He unslung justice and set her on the ground befoe him. He shifted to his wolf form and let out his howl. it was unrefined and unpracticed but it was his.

A group of five men in fine clothes aprached, when he saw them in their human guises he made sure to be in his. He slung his rifle and stood in a relaxed posture. As they neared he cold see them each, one had two small pistols, alonger had a much larger pistol. Two had rifles and ne covered in scars visable even at a distance appeared to be unarmed.

They came to the edge and surrounded him from the front keeping strictly within their bounds.

the scared one spoke first" Speak quickly, we do not take kindly to strangers"

He noticed in an uneasy way that none of them matched his skintone. "I am Dakota ambrose, bron on two legs, iron rider, half moon Fostern of the nation, i am known as Spurs Justice."

The men looked at hi again, some hard scowls sofened, the scared man did not, "And what do you want here?"

"There are new threats that would come to hreaten my home.."

"So you come seeking those to fight for you?" The scared man interupted

"I come." Dakota stated his temper slightly in his voice. "to learn from your crafters a means to end them if need be, I will not lose another of my friends."

The scared man raised an eyebrow, "so you are not here to use your tribe ties to make us fight your battles?"

"would you like me to quote in our laws why that is a bad plan?" Dakota said back, a wry smile on his face.

the scared man chuckled, "Not to me, but when you get a rank or two under you i know a few folks who could stand to relearn that bit."

The scared man welcome him and told him his name was Tobias, he was the warder. Him and his friends each gave their rank and standard introductions, but Dakota was sing all of his focus to remain calm. It had been only a few days since he had lost one of his first friends.

They led him to a decent sized wooden bilding that smelled of gun oil. The sign said it was Martins Munitions.

He opened the door slowly, ans the sign said open. Before he was entierly inside he heard a mans rugh voice. "What is thepurpose of a warning shot?"

"To check ranges and adjust for wind for a killing shot if one is needed." Dakota answered as if he had practiced.

"Not a bad answer, though i am partial to, there is not a good one, only draw your gun if you intend to kill." the man, Martin he assumed looked up for a rifle disassembled on the table.

"Train your skills and you can use it to disarm, no one had to die." Dakota said back, though he hardly felt it in his heart as that rarely worked no a days.

"A pacifist are ya." The man said eyeing his large gun and raising and eyebrow with a wry smile.

"No, i have a brother. He prefers it so i do my best to assist him. If it was up to me..." Dakota trailed off.

The man smirked, "But you have learned restraint. I am Martin, i am the local gunsmith here. some call me the gun master, but you and I know better."

Dakota smirked, "I have come to learn how to make cold Iron bullets, can you teach me."

Martin rolled his project in a cloth, "What you ask is not simple, but i can show you the way."

Dakoa put his long arm in the corner and removed his coat. He used to do things slowly, but now...

He would not lose another one.

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Re: January 2019 part 2) Consequences

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