March 2015 Part 2) Your first.- Rhapsodeigh

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March 2015 Part 2) Your first.- Rhapsodeigh

Post by SintangibleSkye » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:32 pm

My first time out of the umbra.
I've never encountered spirits who could push me to the other side, but here I am. I don't realize anything has happened until I realize everyone is staring at me. STARING at me. Not listening, feeling, creating with me.....STARING. Music should NOT be seen, and I have recently been informed that I don't look like anything natural, not in any way corporeal minds can process anyway.

I panic. What if I can't make it back? What if I can die here? What if...what if....what if..... RUN!

So, and I'm not proud of this, I run. I run looking for to the first person I can think of, Wile, but he is nowhere to be found. I burst through the doors of Town Hall, and there is not a sound to be heard as everyone in the room turns and stares. All I can think to scream is "Music should be heard a nd not seen!" over and over again, and I do this until someone accustomed to seeing me, albeit on the other side, ushers me outside and runs with me to find Wile, who can't immediately figure out what's wrong. Then he hears what I'm screaming and, after stifling an outright guffaw at my plight, sends me back where I belong.

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Re: March 2015 Part 2) Your first.- Rhapsodeigh

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