TnT's and Wile's Excellent Adventure

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TnT's and Wile's Excellent Adventure

Post by Wile » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:38 pm

November 2018 part 2) - The Infernal, or Hell, or the Abyss

I did not wake up that morning planning on going to Oblivion, a trip that would later lead me to the Abyss, but I did. I knew that only way to save the town the, only way to stop the death and destruction, the only way to teach the citizens an important lesson about working together, was to think outside the box. So I did and I brought the box with me.

I sat there upon my box of TnT looking death in the face, If I go with you will you go back to Oblivion with me in tow. You will leave this town? As I said these words I felt my call to Xochipilli, They were calling me to them, letting me know I would be protected. I agreed knowing that the house had no idea I knew how to get back, that I knew of the doors. I turned to look once more at my town looking at my friends fighting just outside the door and trusted my soon to be totem. As I turned to step into the portal to Oblivion I left the house one last gift I lit the TnT in my crate and pulled the spirit of TnT to go with me, he was definitely not ok and we stepped into the void, leaving the house and its contents to be destroyed sealing the entrance to Oblivion.

As I trusted I got back maybe with some problems but I was alive, and sadly TnT was not. But how I got back is another story to tell, to my family.

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Re: TnT's and Wile's Excellent Adventure

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