Welcome in to The Other Side

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Welcome in to The Other Side

Post by Wile » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:40 pm

October 2018) - The Other Side

After my first change I noticed that the world looked larger, deeper, and weirder that it did before. I started to see strange things, who I would later discover to be spirits, which others could not see. I saw the other side. Soon after I was discovered by my first teacher and he taught me how to go there and how to get deeper and deeper in the umbra. I fell in love with this different world and the spirits that inhabited it. I just wanted to explore. But I had a different calling and I was called to patch of earth in California that was later named Quarry Creek. There I met a woman by the name of Moira and helped her establish a Saloon. I convinced her a good name for it would be The Other Side because it was fun and unique, but really it was a call out to the other changing breeds that this was a safe place, that this was where we needed to be.

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Re: Welcome in to The Other Side

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