Boom! My New and Old Friend

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Boom! My New and Old Friend

Post by Wile » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:41 pm

July 2016) - BANG - Guns and dynamite and nitro, oh my.

From the first time Wile heard a gunshot crack in the night as a baby in Boston, he was not afraid. He was intrigued. And as he grew up the fireworks on the 4th of July, cannons getting fired off in celebration, and various other explosions did not faze him, they delighted him. So it was little surprise that his first rank challenge involved dynamite, his timing had to be perfect to save that train but he had to make it look like an accident like he failed to the one set out to judge him he wanted the laugh in the end.

So he set it up that instead of the dynamite blocking the path of the train it would cause the stone to fall and crush the Wyrm creatures inside. But to pull this off Wile had to be fast so into the train he jumped right before it entered the last tunnel before his trap. He knocked all the mortals to sleep quickly from across the gauntlet and then drug them all to the last car in the train and disconnected it throwing on the breaks, letting the train now only filled with creatures of the Wyrm charge towards his trap. Then he heard his favorite sound in the world BOOM! Followed by the sound of destruction. Quickly Wile went about pulling everyone out of that last car near the pile of rubble quickly applying dirt and soot to their faces and bodies just out of sight of his elder then once it was all in place he released the spell that kept them all asleep. He walked forward to him exclaiming “Uh-oh I guess I got my timing off” and Just then the first “survivor” walked out from behind the rubble.

But this was only a beginning of Wile’s love of explosions, and one day sitting outside on the benches between his and Lottie’s he heard a failure hiss. He looked over to see a red spirit with a lit fuse exclaiming I’m not ok as it shook. Wile knew just want to do he ran into his bar and grabbed an empty dynamite crate and crossed over to make everything ok for TnT and give it a place to nap.

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Re: Boom! My New and Old Friend

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