Goats Ltc January 2017 Part 1) Domestic Animals

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Goats Ltc January 2017 Part 1) Domestic Animals

Post by MrsBelgrave » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:04 pm

The man stood there, mouth agape like a carp that had been tossed onto a boat.

"You should close your mouth, you'll catch flies that way."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me! No one would do tha-." She cut him off.

"But they do."

"But why a goat? It's not even a very attractive animal!"
For some reason she couldn't help but feel offended by that statement.

"I hear it's the horns, gives you something to hold on to."

The man stared at her in bewildered shock, he just couldn't wrap his mind around it.
She mused to herself however, that maybe some part of him was wondering what it would be like.
...they always wondered, and they almost always got caught.
She always felt sorry for the goat who would have to help him find himself.

"What sort of unwholesome human being would even try that?"

"Well, that's the Welsh for you."

"Ah, well, uh, I supposed so, an- anyhow... I...I should be going." Probably going to go find a goat.

He got up to leave, turning towards the door, before she called out to him.

"Have you ever done anything like that with something with horns before?"

"What?! Of course not!" His face turned a flustered shade of red, meanwhile her own formed into a smirk. She reached up to pull off her scarf, revealing a pair of horns he wouldn't remember come morning.

"Would you like to?"
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Re: Goats Ltc January 2017 Part 1) Domestic Animals

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