Changes to S5R2 Rulebook

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Changes to S5R2 Rulebook

Post by Ralph » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:00 am

The XOs have coordinated with the Storytellers and Rules team to make the following changes:

We are releasing the Shadow Arts of Contempt and Delusion.

However, we are also putting a rule in that says you may only know one tree from Seelie or Shadow arts.

This is intended to be temporary (likely though the rest of the season, possibly longer) until additional arts can be developed.

Additionally, based on the passionate feedback from some of our players, Rules Team will be reviewing the "Vampires feeding from Changling rules" at their next meeting. More news on that next week.

We thank everyone for their continued patience.

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Re: Changes to S5R2 Rulebook

Post by Rydath » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:40 am

This is more than fair given how close it is until game. I'm sure the players who feel strongly about the Changeling release appreciate the consideration and work being put into their play experience. Only being able to choose one of the 'rare' art tree as innate might remain a reasonable restriction moving forward.

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