Amaranth (Christina) TW: minor violence

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Amaranth (Christina) TW: minor violence

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March 2015, pt 2. - Your First

"What I fear about your Sect the most, is that their knowledge makes the bitter fruit of Amaranth all the more tempting."

Christina had known that Dr. Baxter had meant those words in a perhaps wary, but still respectful light. Despite that, she had still felt anger tighten in her chest and remain with her for the rest of their conversation. She did not begrudge him the statement. They were from completely different cultures, and what's more the words made her angry because they hurt.

There is no greater demand from Caine to his children than to abjure the temptations of Amaranth. And yes, many a child had failed at this. It was sort of the ongoing plight of their species. But to those of faith, those who respected the Dark Father, were commanded to resist the bitter rose.

Knowledge of cannite history made the act make any kind of sense. It did not erase the horror of the deed itself.

The monstrosity of a diablarist made even Christina, spiteful of humanity as she was, shudder. She would never be able to divorce the act from the loss it had cost her personally.

It was the mid 1700's, or thereabouts at least. The years stopped meaning much to her when she was younger. She, along with the rest of her pack had traveled to Tunis in pursuit of a resourceful cabal of Baali who had managed to evade them through Spain. Coming this far into the Middle East was tricky for the Sword of Caine, the Assamites were a persistent threat. But their enemy was weak and the elder of the brood was of significance. With Jean leading them, Catherine and Christina's power over the Abyss, the unique talents of the rest of the pack and Abygail securing them safe haven during the day they should make it back to Europe perhaps injured, but 'alive' so to speak.

This would not be the case.

The battle itself was a simple affair. The pack had reserved their strength and blood in an effort to break into the compound the Baali had fortified themselves in in the span of one night. Abygail and the other Children of Seth waited with horses and covered wagons while the Cannites of the pack pushed inside.

The fortifications stood no chance against strength in Catherine and Christina's blood, the spawn which had been embraced nights before to shore up the cabal's numbers fell on swords of both flame and steel. The demons who were not torn apart by shadow servants or run through were rendered to ash with crosses pressed to their chests.

All that was left was the High Priestess of the cabal, and though she was older than all of them the pack was six strong. She fell, body prone like sleep, arms and legs bound by black tentacles. They rested on their laurels and Catherine was the one to take up a solid silver cross to end it.

They all watched the demoness writhe and scream when the icon was jammed into her chest. They breathed superfluous sighs of relief when she fell still. Swords were sheathed, shadows retreated, they expected her to crumble within that moment.

None of them would ever forget that the Baali had a penchant for moving their hearts.

She sprung to life, sinking her fangs into Catherine while her guard was down. Celerity was the strong suit of exactly no one in the pack, by the time they reacted a wall of green flame had risen around both of them. By the time it went down Catherine's clothes were left, filled with ashes, and her diablarist had escaped. Slipped into the Abyss with the power of the very heart's blood she had just stolen.

The whole encounter had been a trap to draw them in. Catherine was young for her blood, but she was still a member of the seventh generation. In a bloodline of mass embraces like the Baali, the chance to thicken one's blood was worth every member of the cabal the knights had killed.

Christina's heart had cracked that day, in a way that had never really healed. Even a century later she still didn't feel quite right unless the velvet of her Sire's coat was wrapped around her shoulders. Every Baali she had exterminated since had died with a stake in their chest, each limb, and their head.

That had been the first time Christina had witnessed Amaranth, and since then every black streaked cannite was the same as that vile priestess in her eyes.

The only oath she'd sword to both the Lord and the Dark Father was that one day she would tear that monster's black heart out with her bare hands.

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Re: Amaranth (Christina) TW: minor violence

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