August 2018 part 2) Misconceptions

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August 2018 part 2) Misconceptions

Post by Rydath » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:59 am

I am warned that the Fae are soon to appear, and for this I am perplexed.

From my recent experiences with spirits, I had reconciled my understanding of Faeries to be a sort of nature spirit, or perhaps even story spirits.

But I am told now that they are unrelated entities.

Throughout history, a man could become a fable, could become a god, only later to be called a demon. A faerie superstition could become a religious icon. These beings, or ideas of beings, or perhaps beings of ideas, were not so distinct and unchanging back then. Why are the lines so rigid now?

Perhaps they are not so different, and it is merely mankind’s obsession with cataloguing that has complicated issues. I’ll blame that most recent upstart Darwin for his infernal notions...

No, it could not be so simple as a shift in perspective. A new realm has compounded upon this spiritual shallowing, and with it a new magical energy. The Dream and Glitter, or some such. Were these the same as Spirits, there would be no new realm, and no new magic alongside it.

And yet, is it possible that all magic is simply magic? That’s how it has always seemed to me, but I suppose I’ve never been an expert. Perhaps these arbitrary differences are some symptom of unseen worlds being pulled farther and farther apart? Is something pulling them? Is something pushing them? What is it?

Women of magic and medicine used to be far more common before the church decided to brand them Witches and burn them. Homage to the land and its incarnations used to be commonplace as well. I could go mad trying to remember those days past, trying to categorize each faerie and spirit and goblin and beast and god that ever I heard tale of.

Alas, there are too many details I cannot recall. More accurately, I should say there are too many things that didn’t seem important at the time. Time has washed away the fleeting moments. Too much is muddled. As with most of my encounters with supernatural forces, including my own kind, faeries and gods were simply something I avoided or paid tribute to as necessary.

Too much time wasted pursuing petty vendettas, fighting or fleeing trouble, and focusing on survival. Too much time locked in my own head and heart, battling personal demons and narcissistically obsessing over the meaning of my existence. Even now, I’m writing to myself, asking the mirror questions that I already know I cannot answer. I suppose I’m not likely to change.

With trepidation, I look forward to meeting the faeries. Maybe once I see them, it will all make sense.

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Re: August 2018 part 2) Misconceptions

Post by Patricia » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:33 pm


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