Donovan - January 2019 1: Darkness

Donovan - January 2019 1: Darkness

Postby indianaknoppel » Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:17 pm

Donovan was not a people person.

He was a doctor, yes, but that didn't mean he enjoyed people. Or patients. Most lied about what ailed them. Or got hurt doing stupid things. Even in a Freehold, this fact remained. It annoyed him to no end but he helped them still. The dead were so much easier to work with...but it wasn't every day a corpse with a mystery came in.

When he found himself with a few minutes between patients, he took advantage of it. There was a closet that held some supplies and he slipped himself into it and shut the door.

Immediately, he was plunged into darkness. Quiet, comforting, soft darkness. He didn't bother closing his eyes. There was no reason to since he couldn't see anything anyway. A few breaths in and out and he found his muscles loosening and relaxing. The stress of the day ebbed away into nothing. The same kind of nothing that surrounded him now.

To others, darkness might have been terrifying. To Donovan, it was comforting. It was a quiet place and he could let himself just get lost in the blackness. Every bit of him relaxed. He swore he could even feel his eyes relax now having nothing to focus on.

A long breath and he could feel time start to pass. Soon, he'd have to step out of his darkness and back into a world of lights and people and noises.

It wasn't bad but it was still annoying. However, that world also contained someone very important to him. Someone he would give anything for. If it wasn't for Mae, he may not ever leave the dark which he knew wasn't healthy. He needed to be a part of that world. To interact and to stand in the light otherwise he'd waste away.

But, for this moment? He could steal a few more minutes in his comfort zone of black.
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Re: Donovan - January 2019 1: Darkness

Postby Patricia » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:38 pm

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