S5R2.1 Released

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S5R2.1 Released

Post by Ginger » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:02 pm

Feeding on Changelings now causes Enchantment.
Change to Enchantment - Enchantment no longer causes forgetting; it now causes Rationalize.
Rationalize - A new power to protect the Veil and secrets. Currently only used as part of Enchantment.
Parrying - You may not parry packets, bullets, or physical ranged attacks.

Removed Trapping - Trapping is not yet ready for prime time; rules team has pulled it for now.

Minor changes:
Lucid Dreamer merit - changed to reflect new Enchantment rules.
Shattering Crescendo - fixed.
Clarity in Obeah tree - removed 30 second charge timer
All references to Iron as a special material have been replaced with Cold Iron.

Answers to questions, before you ask them!
Changeling Itemmaker: Coming soon! If you need Changeling Fetishes, (either the Item background or because you are a Nocker) please drop a PM to Rules Team and we will help you build it. Alternately, you may wait until the Itemmaker is ready, and collect your tag at a future date.

Trapping: also coming soon! It just needs more polish. We will publish as an appendix when it is released.

Gift of Enchantment and Enchant Object are two names for the same power. We will clean this up with the next edition.
Clarity will remove enchantment
Shaking off will remove enchantment.
Ending an Enchantment early (eg Clarity, Shaking off) does not avoid the Rationalize effect.
Enchantment does not interact with Mental Overwrite effects.

Changelings do not need to spend Glamour to enchant Vampires who feed from them.

Cold Iron is a special material, just like gold or silver.
Normal ‘metal’ weapons like swords and guns are not Cold Iron

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Re: S5R2.1 Released

Post by Rydath » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:38 pm

Wow! I am super excited for all of these last minute changes. Thank you all for the incredible work and considerations!

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